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Transgender Agenda: Following the Money

A ReAwaken Tour Miracle - Cancer Update On My Wife

9th Circuit and COVID Jabs

Sinner & Saint with Renz and Ali - "Impossible Is Nothing" ep. 1

Mel K and the Globalists

#Trump2024 - Corruption, Snakes, and Globalists Align Against Him

We MUST Pass HB73 To Counter Disease X & the WHO Treaty

The War on Truth is the War on Freedom with Chris Burgard

Tom Renz's Testimony at Ohio Senate for HB73 #OAMF

What Does It Mean to Support Trump2024?

MAGA for Senate: Marchant in Nevada #Trump2024

The Clay Clark & America's Reawakening

THE Coach Dave & "Hunter Got High"

Faith and Health with Dr. Mark Sherwood

Happy Mothers Day

Election 2024 - Trying to Forget COVID and mRNA Death

So Now They Want to Apologize... with Leigh Dundas

Will the Ohio GOP Stand for Life? w/ Stephanie Stock #OAMF

Beating Back the Uniparty - Oklahoma Victory

The CIA & the Jab, the Breakdown of the Law & Other News #Trump2024

Johnson’s Pro Islam/AntiSemitism Bill

Are Trump's Trials Prosecutorial & Judicial Misconduct?

Soros & Democrats - Representation For Sale

Trump Under Siege Everywhere: Fighting for #Trump2024

Real Medical Freedom with Dr. Mark Sherwood

Trump 2024 - A Snake in the Grass?

My Wife - Winning the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Taking Down the Establishment with Jenni White

FACT CHECK: CDC Lies [Again] About C-19 Vax/Injuries

FISA & Mayorkas: Speaker Johnson's Betrayal of His Base

Fighting Back With The Patriot Streetfighter

J6 is a Lie, San Fran Sucks, Merrick Garland Hates the 2nd Amendment, and...

Cancer as Metabolic Disease

Poisons In The Sky and In Our Food

No... We Did Not Wake Up Like This

None of These Candidates

Get TF Out of My Bathroom

We Will Not Back Down

Uniting the Patriots, Saving the Union

Julie Green - God Bless the Union

Local Action = National Impact: a Case Study

Why We Need Women Fighting For Our Country w/Special Guest Stephanie Phillips

mRNA & Women's Health - With Dr. Kimberly Biss ep. 382

Cancer and Parasites

Is Judge Merchan Breaking the Law in the Trump Case?

COVID & mRNA - The Murder Continues

Trump & RINO "Backers" Plus mRNA MisInformation

Tennessee Food Bill, Trans Day of Easter, & a Goodbye Tribute to Lizzo

Cancer: An Unbiased Overview In Preparation for Our Upcoming War On Cancer

Diamonds Really Are A Girls Best Friend

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - Updates from a Friend & Warrior

Cancer - My Wife and the Random Child but No Politics

Congratulations DJT & Truth Social & the Final Death of Football

The Patriots Have Had Enough (Part 2)

Putting the Gene Therapy Question to Rest - mRNA IS Gene Therapy #GeneTherapy

The Fact Checkers Say the COVID Jabs Aren’t Gene Therapy - Why Does the FDA Say Otherwise?

"Christian Patriots & Sexy Women"

What Did We Learn from COVID & Random Stuff

Why is the GOP Majority Whip Calling Rep Massie a "Libertarian Anarchist"? & J6

The Patriots Have Had Enough

Freedom, Christianity, Hypocrisy, & Woke Absurdity

Faith, Freedom & Hypocrisy #Trump2024

Lambs or Lions? His Glory Warriors


Taking Back the Republic

I Support Trump BUT Am Not a Cultist & Catoosa Corruption: Help the Grassroots NOW!

My Body, My Choice... Or Something Like That

President Trump - Can You PLEASE Stop Promoting the Poisons Your Base Hates!

The Republic at Risk

Election Issues - Our Interview With Jovan Pulitzer

McConnell - an Endorsement From a Snake & More CDC Corruption

Colorado Supreme Court, Trump & How They Will Steal 2024 with Jovan Pulitzer

If You Don't Like Christian Nationalism Does That Mean You Hate America?

Project NextGen - Disease X & the COVID Jabs Part 2

Trump 2024 Vs McConnell - The Last Act of a Sellout

McConnell - Leader of the RINO/CCP Party

So Much News - A Full Stack of Stuff Day

The Jabs ARE Unavoidably Unsafe & MUST Be Removed From the Market #Vaccines

The DoD War on America & Is BigPharma Causing Limp Dic&$?

Arguments for Halting Covid-19 Vaccines

Trump 2024? Stopping Election Fraud With Jovan Pulitzer

God, Health and Healing with Andrew Serafini

We the People: Building An Army Against the Deepstate

Fighting Corruption in Ohio - the Heart of It All

We Are Actually Funding MORE modRNA COVID Poisons - Biden's Project NextGen

The WEF Church of Satan Vs Christianity - The Super Bowl & He Gets Us

Trump 2024 - The Reason We MUST Have a Republican Civil War

Yes - The COVID Vaccines ARE Profoundly Linked to Cancer - Did They Contribute to the Death of Toby Keith?

Did Toby Keith Just Become the Most High Profile Turbo Cancer Death from the Jabs So Far?

The Missouri GOP War on The Freedom Caucus & MAGA

Why Is the Missouri GOP Attacking Their Own Freedom Caucus?

Hospital Murder - A Conversation With the Nurses

No One Cares... I Kinda Get That

Beyond Covid: WEF Hypocrisy, Disease X and Implications of a Hypothetical Pathogen

Crimes Against Humanity - True Stories from COVID

The Nobility Class vs. We the People

The WEF Famine Push - Farmers Fight Back & Is Disease X a Vax Disease?

The Left is Planning Treason & the GOP Wants to Fund It

Running for Senate - An Inside View

Bringing the Receipts: Cancer, Shedding & Gene Therapy Vaccines

Covered Up: mRNA Shedding, Transmissibility and Cancer.

Hookers & Politicians - Synonyms?

Lab Leak is Indisputable - Why Won't Politicians Talk About the Real Culprits & the Courts

Happy New Year - Military Vax Murder, Terror, Climate Lies, Perversion & More

COVID Kids Schools - Renz & Gilbert Talking the Fight

World on Fire - Biden Corruption, Updates on False Flags, & the Insurrection That Wasn't