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Trump Under Siege Everywhere: Fighting for #Trump2024

The Tom Renz Show ep. 393

President Donald Trump is under siege from all sides. Between garbage criminal indictments, the civil lawsuits, attacks on his family, and snakes that seem to be undermining his campaign, Trump needs the help of #WeThePeople now more than ever. Everyone tells me there is nothing they can do - I disagree. Today we have some general news of the day and also are talking about helping Trump. Tune in!

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I was honored to be with @RealAlexJones to discuss the MAJOR apparent conflicts of interest with Trump campaign and PAC leader Susie Wiles. I believe there is a fox in the henhouse and want to ensure @realDonaldTrump

is made aware. #Trump2024 MUST happen and #WeThePeople MUST watch the President's back. Since that time we are getting reports from NUMEROUS organizations that they are being pressured to censor this interview. Apparently the people pressuring the news entities to censor me are claiming that my news is incorrect. I LITERALLY POSTED SCREENSHOTS!!! Explain why the evidence that I shared is wrong instead of lying about what I shared! You can find the full show on @infowars or my actual portion of the interview below. If I'm wrong I'll retract but someone will have to explain the screenshots and the new info I'm getting that @realstewpeters and @HowleyReporter found this info years ago. MAGA and America First can't happen if WEF supporters are infiltrating the very top of the MAGA world.

Links to the deleted Alex Jones interview:


BREAKING: Top Trump Advisor is Working for Consulting Company That Also Supports Democrats and is Owned by a Company Tied to WEF: I absolutely support Donald Trump for President but there is a snake in the woodshed. Unless @realDonaldTrump is surrounded by advisors that are selling out I cannot explain his support for Johnson and other RINOs. @SpeakerJohnson is a sellout and Trump’s continued support for #RINOs that will absolutely throw him under the bus is beyond my comprehension. Of course when his top advisors are partners in companies that represent Pfizer, Gilead & GAVI in a company owned by the #WEF I can see why he’d be getting bad advice. Maybe people like Suzy should not be advising the President on what the #Trump2024 crowd wants… just saying but mRNA fans usually are sellouts. We the People MUST help Trump watch for sellouts… maybe I’m wrong but this deserves investigation. More in the comments but I’m tired of the support for people stabbing America in the back.

My Twitter post link:

Screenshots are posted below for those who are saying she’s not tied to WEF, please look at these and tell me how she isn’t. Prove me wrong and I’ll be happy to apologize.

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