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I Support Trump BUT Am Not a Cultist & Catoosa Corruption: Help the Grassroots NOW!

The Tom Renz Show ep. 369

I have been and will continue to speak out unapologetically about my disagreement with Trump on his position on the jabs. I absolutely support him in his run for President but am equally certain I am not a sellout or cultist. Trump is the best man for the job but I don't personally know him and have no reason to believe he's been anything but duped on these jabs. He's human and makes mistakes and his position on the poisons is a major mistake he refuses to address. I want Trump2024 to happen but will NEVER back down on the jabs.

We also have a major crisis in Catoosa, Georgia. A group of real Republicans (as opposed to RINO sellouts) has thrown some RINOs out of the party. The result has been an apparently corrupt or stupid judge fining these wonderful people of $20k each and threatening them with jail. We MUST stand with these grassroots heroes.

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