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My Body, My Choice... Or Something Like That

That's What She Said Podcast Ep. 3

Tonight we got stuck on one subject, but for good reason. Abortion is one of the largest debates in our country and is being used to divide us and push agendas arguably more than any other platform this election cycle. The ladies dive deep tonight and discuss how we got here and what needs to be done to stop the nonsense and lies being perpetrated on our youth regarding abortion rights. Do abortions empower women? Also why do women give themselves to men and situations that result in mistakes and lifelong disastrous consequences.

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Tonight's crew:

Brooke Westlake:

Brooke enjoyed a 20 year healthcare career and had her own photography company for over 10 years, BMW Photography before she ventured into the cannabis industry. She holds an Associates of Arts from Truckee Meadows Community College, and a Bachelor's & Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nevada Reno.

Brooke has founded several companies over the past couple years. The Women in Cannabis Expo was created in 2020 and remains to be the only women's expo in the cannabis industry to help connect, inspire and teach women about the industry. Brooke also is the founder and owner of Our Parental Rights. A nonprofit created by a parent for parents for our children. She has several books that are coming out in 2024 including From Crowns to Cannabis, Divorce-ology (12 month mini book series), Lipstick on Pigs: The Transdemic, and Gameshow Contestant CEO.

When Brooke is not working on her business ventures, writing or creating art, she spends time with her two sons, her golden retriever & cat. She enjoys summertime at Lake Tahoe and is dedicated to raising money and awareness for Alzheimer's.

Andrea Wexelblatt:

A seasoned marketing and political consultant with over 20 years of experience in operational business development and management. Currently Andrea heads operations for Renz Media and is the CEO of AWex Marketing. She’s the proud mother to two young men and resides in Northern Nevada.

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Frankie Rodriguez:

A brand strategist, art director, and leader in the conservative movement, Frankie draws on a strong background in digital branding and content creation, with a proven track record.

With an impressive portfolio that includes working with prestigious clients and multiple campaigns, including newly elected Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, and leading several teams on the ground for multi-million dollar initiatives, Frankie has begun consulting several candidates across the country, from congressional seats to gubernatorial and U.S Senate candidates, to powerful conservative brands, developing strategies that resonate with the conservative values of the American people.

Insta: @RealFrankieRodriguez
Twitter: @RealFrankieRod

Amanda Morrison:

Mom. Veteran. Researcher. Writer. Smart Ass. She probably should’ve been a lawyer but instead she took a position as a Flight Medic on the NASA Shuttle Recovery Team. Currently she homeschools her son, ghost writes, and produces Gloves Off with Joey Gilbert. Her work behind the scenes in the freedom movement has led to her being highly respected and sought after. She’s kind of a big deal, just don’t tell anyone.

Special thanks to Vem Miller @AmericaHappens for hosting our livestream! Follow and support here on rumble @AMERICAHAPPENS.

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