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Poisons In The Sky and In Our Food

That's What She Said Podcast ep. 9

Watch the 'That's What She Said Podcast' with Producer Andrea and her patriot sisters Mandy, Brooke, and Frankie every Thursday night at 8pm PT, airing right here on the Renz Media Network (@TomRenz) and the America Happens Network (@AmericaHappens).

Check out source links to our discussion tonight below. We dig into vaccines in our foods, the death of the lunchables, chemtrails, environmental poisoning, #ManBoobs Bill Gates, weather modification and #homeschooling.

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More sources and links on tonights discussion from the ladies:

Brooke’s substack:

Our Parental Rights
Nevada SHOULD Be Next!
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just our very own government, paying pilots to fly planes high above our beautiful Nevada skies spraying chemicals all overall us, our town, our homes, our schools, and our yards. They continue to spray everywhere here in Nevada…
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Mandy’s sources:

Lead Lunchables:

Lunchables have concerning levels of lead and sodium, Consumer Reports finds - CBS News

Secret spraying in sky/jeans bad /rockets into Solar Eclipse:

Jeans are bad for the environment—but a new discovery may help (

NASA Wallops to Launch Three Sounding Rockets During Solar Eclipse - NASA

Proof the Bill Gates and the Biden WH support plans to mess with sun:

Vaccines ‘Unavoidably unsafe’:

Additional source:

Video link:

Additional source:

Covid Jabs are gene therapy:

Covid Jabs NOT ‘safe and effective’:

Arguments for Halting Covid-19 Vaccines (

Apeel Coating:

Seed Oils:

Vaccines in food/tobacco:

Tobacco-Based Vaccines, Hopes, and Concerns: A Systematic Review - PMC (

Tennessee Moves to Classify 'Vaccine Lettuce' as a Drug (

Enriched flour/Folic Acid:,the%20risk%20of%20heart%20disease.,harmful%20is%20not%20completely%20clear.

Pfizer Cheese:

How Sugar Causes cancer:

Follow up from Mike Adams, Health Ranger regarding the #Lunchables debate (

Consumer Reports' huge warning about lead in #Lunchables food products for children is rather bizarre. I am an accomplished food scientist who runs one of the top food science labs in America. We have multiple mass spec instruments and have conducted tens of thousands of food contamination tests since 2017. Consumer Reports says they found, in the worst example, a grand total of 370 nanograms of lead in a full day's serving of Lunchables. Based on the serving size, if you translate this into ppm or ppb, it comes out to just slightly over 3 ppb (ng/g) for a serving size of 4 oz. (about 113 g). This is not a level of lead to be concerned about, not even close. Consumer Reports cites California's Prop 65 law to cause alarm, but Prop 65, which was originally passed as a WATER safety law, has bee mis-applied to food for years, mostly as part of a lawfare scheme to attack dietary supplements. The law doesn't apply to grocery foods, and the allowable daily intake levels of lead (0.5 micrograms, or 500 nanograms) are absurd when applied to agricultural food products. You get more lead than that in a single serving of any dish made with ginger, for example. So Consumer Reports is raising alarm by citing a standard (Prop 65) that doesn't even apply to the food products they're testing, and they make it sound like Lunchables are filled with lead, when actually, at 3 ppb, that's one of the lowest levels you'll find in food. Why? Because processed food removes both nutritive minerals and heavy metals. We almost never find high levels of lead in heavily processed foods like Lunchables. @ConsumerReports got this one totally wrong. They are misleading their readers with bad #science. I'm no defender of processed food, and I have far more concerns about the other processed ingredients in Lunchables such as sodium nitrite, but it doesn't lend Consumer Reports any credibility to push a false alarm over lead that's only at levels around 3 ppb.

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