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Sinner & Saint with Renz and Ali - "Impossible Is Nothing" ep. 1

The Kingdom Fight Ministry

Renz and Ali bring us episode 1 of their new show, "Sinner & Saint." Ali discusses the teachings of his Uncle and how they coincide with scripture.

"Impossible is Nothing"

Phillippians 4:13 - "I can do all this through him who gives me strength."

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Ibn Ali (nephew of the original GOAT - Muhammad Ali) and Attorney Tom Renz have launched a ministry based on their mutual love and respect for Jesus Christ and recognition that to love Christ is to fight for him. These warriors believe it is their duty to bring the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to all people - sinners and saints. Our ministry will partner with and work with all churches and all people to promote the word of God. We encourage people to join our ministry and also to become more active in your own church. Our ministry maintains the following firmly held religious beliefs:

1. Jesus Christ is the son of God and through him you may find salvation. Christ came to heal the sick and so we should celebrate the best of us while welcoming and fighting to assist those that need healed most to be right with God. 

2. Freedom is inherent to all people. God allows us freedom in the most important decision we can make - whether to believe in him or not - and so it is the duty of all people of faith to stand for freedom.

3. Freedom comes from equal treatment and equal opportunity under the law. Only when people are free to control their speech, bodies, minds and souls will they be able to freely come to God. It is our duty to peaceably and steadfastly stand for and speak out about freedom and equality under the law. 

4. Mankind is made in the image of God. No one should manipulate or alter an his or her own genetic makeup through gene alter technology or gene therapy products that could, even accidentally, modify their genetic makeup in a way that would alter mankind’s reflection of God’s image. 

5. Children are sacred. It is each of our duty to protect and encourage children to become followers of God and productive human beings. Sexuality has no place in the lives of young children and should be taught in the home as there is no way, in a free society, to teach it generally while still respecting the faith of all members of a society. 

6. We strongly believe that no food should be consumed that has been exposed to unnatural gene therapies or products nor should people consume food that is unnaturally genetically modified. 

Our intent is to support our members in each of these - as well as other - critical issues. If there are forced vaccinations in the future, we will stand up. When bad people try and push pornography in schools or other such ideals we will fight back. When freedom is threatened we will speak out. If you support our views please join us.

Minister Ibn Ali’s Recap of the inaugural show:

Today, I had the honor of speaking with Tom Renz on our first show, "The Sinner and the Saint," where we laid the foundation for many more impactful episodes to come. As Ibn Ali Muhammad Ali's nephew, I felt a profound responsibility to deliver a message of hope, unity, and strength grounded in the scripture Philippians 4:13: "I can do all this through him who gives me strength" (NIV). In this powerful episode, we navigated the deep waters of our nation's political landscape, exploring how faith, unity, and inspiration can drive us toward a better future. Reflecting on Muhammad Ali's iconic words, "Impossible is nothing," we aligned them with the scripture, emphasizing that through Jesus Christ, all things are possible, and He provides the strength we need to overcome any obstacle. Our discussion centered around the theme of love, highlighting how Jesus accepts everyone, regardless of their background or past. We stressed the importance of ending the divisions caused by religious differences and urged everyone to embrace a spirit of unity and acceptance. Our message was clear: love and acceptance should be the cornerstones of our faith. Through engaging discussions and heartfelt insights, Tom and I emphasized the limitless potential within each of us when we embrace faith and confidence. We inspired our audience to believe that, united as one nation, we can overcome any challenge. I took a moment to pray for those in need, inviting them to come to Christ and experience His transformative love and strength. We committed ourselves to being a voice for the voiceless, promising to advocate for the less fortunate and to bring truth to this nation. This inaugural show set a tone of respect, adoration, and compassion, and we are excited to continue this journey, spreading the message of hope and unity. Tune in and be encouraged to tackle the seemingly impossible with faith, confidence, and a united spirit. Let "The Sinner and the Saint" guide you toward embracing the strength God provides and believing in the potential He has placed within you. Join us as we journey together, united in purpose and belief, proving that with God, nothing is impossible.


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