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So Now They Want to Apologize... with Leigh Dundas

The Tom Renz Show ep. 398

If you've been following the news then you know that the mainstream is being forced to acknowledge that the mRNA COVID poisons are both unsafe and ineffective. Numerous people - including Cuomo - are acknowledging side effects and seem to think we should all forgive them for being bought off to lie to us.

Leigh Dundas joins us to talk about this and also the fact that she has found a university that will actually allow her to teach truth. Imagine - a university that let's people discuss topics from an academic perspective regardless of politics. Big show today.

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If the last few weeks have made anything apparent, it is the fact that a huge number of universities -- from coast to coast in this country -- have become more concerned with pushing agendas than with actually educating the bright minds of our youth. If we are to preserve the Great American Experiment, we cannot let this travesty in our educational system continue: the US was built on the backs of great men and women who believed in God, Country and Freedom -- and who gave their all and achieved victory in the face of the impossible -- and we owe it to our youth to both teach them these concepts and to leave them a country steeped in such positive values.

Human Rights Attorney & Master Speaker Leigh Dundas is dedicated to reversing the dangerous trends seen in so many universities, beginning this very month with a course that will deconstruct the habits and science that underpin the individuals in our society who are able to avoid falling victim to bad agendas . . . and who are yet further able to flip such negative influences on their head in order to succeed in the face of adversity.

In sum? There is a Psychology to Winning, and Leigh Dundas is going to teach this replicable but little known recipe to all who want and need it. The course (which is hosted by Kairos Christian University in Tustin, CA) is open to college, high school and junior high youth -- as well as their parents, siblings, grandparents and neighbors of all ages and locales -- and counts as a GE Course in Psychology, or as dual high school/college credit (if desired). Students may attend in person, or asynchronously (anytime) online.🙂

The information you reap as a result of the decision to take this course may well be one of the most pivotal determinations you ever make in your child's life -- or in your own life -- so do not delay: go to to register or learn more!

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