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Merry Christmas

Special Article: The Finchem Dismissal Disaster in Arizona - Where is the Rule of Law?

Is There Hope in Arizona? COVID Accountability Moves Closer

CBDCs (Digital Currency) & the Death Jabs Earn Their Title

More Died Suddenly, the Griner Debacle, More Twitter & TwitterFiles2.0, and State Department Censorship Exposed

Free Speech, Ye, More Jabs More Death, Media Corruption, and Stolen Elections

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RINOs, More Died Suddenly, the WHO Treaty is NOT Gone, Katie Hobbs - Crook?, Kanye, and Fighting Demons

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Renz Blog - Week of November 28, 2022

Died Suddenly - Infighting and Common Sense

COVID, Twitter, the Jabs & Lives Saved

I know I should be better than this but, if you're still wearing a mask for COVID you're an idiot.

The Election and the Fight for Freedom

The Silencing of Truth

Justice - Accountability is Coming for All Things COVID

The Creation of SARS-COV2 & What Will Be Done About It

The AP, Religious Bigotry, and Anti-Americanism

Was Biden's Speech In Line With the Purpose of the Constitution?

Fauci is Now Performing Gain-of-Function on the Spanish Flu

The Monkeys Are Coming, The Monkeys Are Coming!

Birx Lied Freedom Died, Jabs Destroy the Unborn, Get the Jab and Spread COVID, & Avoid Novavax

There Is Right and Wrong and I Am NOT Ashamed to Say It

Fixing Our Broken Elections

Our Government is Corrupt - So Now What?

Are Some Republicans Really Dems in Sheeps Clothing?

Jabs - the Secret Weapon Against Trump 2024

Bees Are Officially Fish Per a Court… Seriously

Solving the World's Problems Over a Beer (PBR?)

The WHO, Monkeypox, and the Continued War on Freedom

Biden, Obama, Clinton, & The WHO, Treason & Sedition?

The Summer of Rage & Continuation of the COVID War on America

May Pfizer FOIA, Hepatitis in Kids, & Shedding


Are the Jabs Prohibited by the Ohio Constitution?

An American Story

Have we killed the medical profession?

Why Are We Destroying America?

They called Trump racist but are fine with Nazi Sympathizers

The CDC Finally Admitted It - Get the Jab, Get COVID

How Much Did Biden Make Creating COVID-19

Sadly, We Were Right... But What Does That Mean?

It’s Time for Me to Come Out

Breaking - More Fraud and Cover-UP

The Constitutional Nightmare of Our Administrative Agencies

Fact Check - Politifact (FALSE)

Cancer? From the Jabs?

Crisis in America - Diapers and TP

The Second Amendment and COVID?

My Body My Choice?

The Evidence of Lies & Impact on Our Troops

Prophesy or Conspiracy - the Conclusion

Prophesy or Conspiracy VI

Prophesy or Conspiracy V

Prophesy or Conspiracy IV

Prophesy or Conspiracy III

Prophesy or Conspiracy II

Prophesy or Conspiracy

Energy - A Working-Class Tax Hike


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My First Substack - Now I am Important?

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