Thank you, Tom. They really don’t have a clue what happened the last four years that killed so many people intentionally, because of the deadly protocols. Hospitals allowed malpractice during covid to get those covid $$ incentives, and the minimum standard of care was thrown out the window.

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Having watched your testimony, the phrase "Lead, follow, or get out of the way" comes to mind. Thank you, Mr. Renz, for leading!!

Thank you for your learned and heart-felt testimony, seemingly in the face of legislators who are either incredulous to the true 'health' outcomes of the Plandemic, or willfully ignorant of the resultant death and destruction that the medical establishment hospital protocols have unleashed upon the public. I pray they will find the courage to follow through with the passage of HB 73. May God bless you and your family for your tireless work on everyone's behalf.

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I watched your testimony and it was very passionate.

You really a fighter!

However, the legislator Seems to be not aware of what has been happening during this pandemic. How many doctors that try to do right by patient have been punished. Their license has been taken away and protocol was deadly in the hospital Many times.

One of my patient signed out of AMA, When she was in the hospital, she was not fed, no fluids, kept in cold room she had cough No medication has been given except they were trying to give IV. She got out on time from the hospital alive only because family came and demanded to take her home.

And , here for some reason the legislator didn’t even flinch on that Remarks of yours About scam Demic and what was going on.

Oh maybe he just ignorant and doesn’t want to know .

But thank you very much for your work!

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We need an army of Tom Renzes! Here in the UK, things are so bleak that we live in fear of getting sick or injured and having to go into a hospital. If you are over 60, your chances of coming out alive are greatly reduced. I recently wrote to my doctor of 25 years and asked him why he was still pushing Covid "vaccines" when it is clear that they are not safe and are responsible for many adverse effects and deaths. He wrote back to say that as it was clear that "our relationship had broken down", I was no longer his patient and had to find another doctor. Everything changed when GPs became "fund holders" that received the bulk of their income from Big Pharma medicines. We Brits became nothing more than revenue, not humans needing healing. Our doctors don't heal, they treat symptoms with drugs that create more symptoms/side effects that require more drugs. It is a vicious cycle of physical deterioration that ends in death. I see it all around me every day. Without people like Tom Renz there would be no light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, Tom, for pinning your colours to this mast. We The People are truly grateful.

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They must have known. Incentive for intentional murder is always money. "Bonuses" as Dr Bryan Ardis showed us a few years back on the NIH website.. Even this "Chairman" KNOWS. At the end of the video, you got him nervous and people are listening. THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!

Thank-you Mr Thomas Renz. God Bless you for speaking for those who can't speak for themselves.

Regards Rolonne Marie Ross

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Thank you for being one of our witnesses today! We love and appreciate you Tom!

🇺🇸 ❤️🇺🇸

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First, I want to thank you and OAMF for all the efforts to prevent the loss of medical freedom for Ohioans, which also indirectly helps citizens in other states, like myself. Same for Tom Renz and his team, whose tireless efforts continue in spite of serious tyrant blowback.

Next, I want to be sure OAMF and Renz Team know of an unusual legal approach for fighting govt tyranny, a hugely successful one for decades, found by accident (from Red Pill Expo ad). Most acts of tyranny violate US Constitution and this approach keeps the tyrants from using distractions from constitutional issues for defense (or offense).

Ref-A overviews basic approach in first 19:10, with more useful details after this. Ref-B accesses teaching series on this approach (seems thorough so far). Ref-C is Red Pill Expo ad that got my attention.

Ref-A = Jack & Margy Flynn Constitutional Justice Seminar (summary)


Ref-B = Teaching Series On The Original Organic Constitution For The United States Of America Of 1787 As Amended With The Bill Of Rights In 1791


Ref-C = Red Pill Expo (short re 2024 RPE))


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Well-stated! What a badass, Tom Renz!

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