That AZ judge threw a bone and refused to allow important request that would reveal the fraud. I’m done with hoping for justice. Not done fighting by any means. Just no longer getting my hopes up.

Thank you Tom for using your platform to restore Representative Democracy and to spit in the eye of despots like Fauci!

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Excellent summary! Don’t stop!

I like your revamped website too.

I just referred to your website a woman whose husband died after he contracted Covid, then was STRONGLY advised by his doctor to get the shot “for better protection.” He got the “free shot” and paid for it with his life.

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The COVID vaccines are not the deadliest product in the history of medicine. You do not want to come face-to-face with 17th century pure mercury medical "treatment." And the anthrax vaccine and others have a very poor safety profile, likely worse than the COVID shots, but much rarer in use, fortunately.

However, the COVID vaccines are the most deadly of the widely used vaccines: The evidence of this was available even before most Americans had gotten the shot:

https://www.primarydoctor.org/covidvaccine, and as I have submitted in court testimony against vaccine mandates:


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Pray for election transparency, examination and justice.

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Great, easy- and even fun-to-read summary. Love getting your take on things especially the ramifications of developments in the legal proceedings dealing with election fraud, and the fallout surrounding the jabs. I don’t know how you find the time to write it in addition to everything else you’re handling, but this newsletter is a blessing to your subscribers and those we share it with! Thanks Tom!

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Tom, I just watched your 'MOST CREDIBLE CASE EVER FILED' spot on rumble.

I'd love to share it But the music overpowers your commentary. Perhaps you could have someone fix that and repost it...😉

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So... a judge threw out the case on Saturday. What now? Is it over?

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Both the vote fraud and Fauci stories share a common point of origin: Earl Warren, CJ, hallucinated into existence a "constitutional" provision that exists nowhere in the text of the Constitution, much as Harry Blackmun, J, nine years later did in his Roe v Wade ruling, recently overturned as an unconstitutional exercise of legislative powers by a judge. The Warren ruling in 1965 rescued the Democratic Party from a total split between its Racist and Progressive wings, over the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Nelson Rockefeller led a large body of Republicans to support the Act, as it restored the work of the Lincoln and Grant Administrations, and they were joined by Democrats of the Progressive wing. Despite a sharp disagreement with the GOP over Socialism, the Progressives unified with the GOP in the view that the illegitimate election of 1876 won by vote fraud and terrorism, did not justify the victorious Racist Wing of the Democrats, in crafting public health laws that barred Black Americans from most polling places, thereby disenfranchising most of them and imposing minority rule from 1877-1965. Progressive Democrats saw the law as essential, while Racist Democrats saw the law as intolerable and blocked it with a Senate filibuster.

The sore spot identified by LBJ and other Party leaders, was that Alabama Gov George Corley Wallace had encouraged police to beat quite brutally a group of voting rights activists demonstrating in Selma. Restoration of Black Americans' voting rights might lead to new prosecutors being elected and police jailed for the beatings, or at the very least, sued for the harm they did. Nobody among the Progressive Dems nor the GOP was willing to vote for a law giving the bludgeoners of Selma immunity, and none of the Racist Dems would drop their opposition to the Voting Rights Act, unless Gov Wallace's cops got immunity. Warren's invention from thin air of "qualified immunity doctrine" enacted what was needed to end the filibuster and restore voting rights after an 89-year absence. Wallace's cops got immunity and no one in Congress had to seek re-election with an immunity-for-head-bashers vote on his record.

The problem with Qualified Immunity is it was a license for tyranny.

Other politicians began figuring out ways to abuse their powers by claiming qualified immunity.

The Arizona election officials all hid behind it in the bizarre events that struck Maricopa County voters. Their dispositive efforts against the Lake lawsuit rely heavily on it. Conversely, Gov-elect Hobbs considers herself immune from any claim of conflict of interest in supervising her own election, assuming the courts will grant her qualified immunity. Hobbs as Secretary of State threatened to prosecute county officials of other counties, threatening to strip them of qualified immunity, if they refused to certify the uncertifiable election results.

The entire nightmare is an exercise in qualified immunity rulings that have no statutory basis to exist.

Disturbingly we see likewise in most litigation over COVID.

This disease of Qualified Immunity is growing worse by the day. Only the Supreme Court can undo the damage, by reversing itself.

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