Counselor Renz, Powerful truth of the sorrow plaguing our country. I completely agree our freedom must be in each of our actions with family, friends, colleagues and community we are encircled with. Thank you for your Divine inspiration in writing this. God Bless us everyone. Pray unceasingly!

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I am sick of the division they so, so that the real issues are hidden. The corruption in the election process must be rooted out, so that free elections can put the right people into office. Thank you for all you do, Tom.

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Oh, boy we are in trouble. What really bothers me is the division on social media that the Biden administration purported on Americans. We need to gather together, meet your neighbors no matter who they voted for, or the political views they have. None of this makes any difference in the long run, unless people start behaving like in Nazi German. Thar would be really scary if people are turning in a Democrat or Republican, or vaxxed or not vaxxed! We really need to ban together.

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Feb 14·edited Feb 14

I agree with your assessment of Biden and respectfully disagree that China is even close to as liable as the United States in terms of the Viral Warfare dating back to Stuxnet and my agencie's patent sequencing at the bottom. America is the most in need for reform in terms of Geneva outlets like the WEF, which you name PLAGUING the military/health complex, which isn't that complex.

All you have to do is look into these 24 inventors when WE THE PEOPLE were sold a wet market bat narrative of a China Flu, much like the Spanish Flu was an optic. I also don't completely trust the optics of your boy Andrew Huff's upcoming house committee to put it all on Neo Nazi, Dr Daszak and Baric without addressing Rick Bright, Fauci and these 24 inventor's with their FUNDING arms, politicians and contractors getting off free. The move is typically throw it all on one guy named Bankman, or Madoff, or Weinstein, or Epstein for the crimes of many.

I have faith in G-d and think you have chance to get these boys to repent with your anointing.

#777 patent is divine SEE CDC [dot] GOV (similar to patent 7220852B1)


Rest of the sequence for the MASS[es] Tort Leader = ME


To G-d the glory,


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Until J6 are free, We aren’t Free .

There is no freedom with the present UN justice system.

Heard you on Mel K today, you are such a wonderful person.

Thank you for fighting for us all.

If you all who enjoy reading Tom’s Posts can donate 5.00 even, it goes towards our Freedom, our Justice, our Children’s lives, our Country.

Please, if you can, donate to help Tom.

Know, I do not know him.

I just appreciate him and how hard he works for us.

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At this point, Tom Renz is one of the only people in this country that I can trust implicitly. One that inspires me to fight. Mike Lindell may be the only other one.

So , when you say "What are you going to do?", my answer is, to support these 2 warriors and a limited list of other Patriots in whatever way I can. Right now a donation is the only option. But this movement needs a visionary leader with a platform to reach out far and wide to Patriots that are presently sitting on their couch, but that stand ready to join the fight to save this country but don't know how to proceed. I am one of those Patriots. It is my opinion that most of the "meek" will join and follow once a movement is started by a core of courageous, intelligent leaders providing clear direction down to the individual level.. Someone needs to be brave enough and wise enough to create multiple redundant "family trees of action" down to the individual citizens. Many of us are ready to "Roll", no matter what is required. We need a plan other than the rhetoric we all hear... "Get involved in your neighborhood at the grass roots level with your neighbors and friends." That means nothing to most people and nothing will happen as a result of that statement. We are all here waiting. Most aren't even aware of how bad things are and of the extreme sense of urgency.

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I use all my days to try to wake up others, too.


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From where I sit your assessment of the situation is spot on. The same is true of your proposed solution. Unfortunately, we are a few million farmers planting seeds one by one on 300 million acres of cranium scorched by the MSM until it is as hard as concrete and as dry as the Sahara desert,

To win against that, we must find a weak soft point somewhere and concentrate our efforts there.

Some have said that that the opposition's softest point involves ridicule. They may be right. Maybe it is time we stopped taking these clowns so seriously. Maybe it is time we started laughing our arses off at the clowns - and especially at anyone who takes them seriously. It certainly can't work any worse than trying to have an intellectual conversation with parrots that do nothing but repeatedly flap their wings and squawk the science the science.

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https://www.bitchute.com/video/CiATuIzVQZMc/. TOM, have you seen this video? I believe out of the probably 10,000 videos that I have watched and the thousands of doctors that I have worked with and assisted in exposing the truth, this is the most compelling. I believe that if everybody knew this, we could make a big big change. hopefully you can get the word out, I’m also contacting other people with a wide audience. Thank you for all you do.

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A Letter to a Generation


THE CURRENT HORROR will not be stopped by politicians and lawyers. Those efforts were tried unsuccessfully during the Vietnam era, which you may be too young to remember. They will never work today despite thoughtful analytical essays, websites, petitions, conferences, etc.

Here is a little history from a guy turning ninety this year. There was a "dress rehearsal" for Vietnam around twenty years earlier in Korea that somewhat affected my own life. All "civilized" efforts and actions to stop the massive bloodshed in Vietnam failed utterly. Jim Rhodes, Ohio's State Auditor, for whom I saved a Sunday NY Times (where I worked on weekends at Cole's Pharmacy in north Columbus, Ohio) after moving up from State Auditor to becoming Ohio's governor, called out the Ohio National Guard that shot and killed four students, wounding eight or nine others, at Kent State University where there was a small anti-war demonstration.

Believe it or not, the public was overwhelmingly against the students, not the Guard. The war went on. The famous Peace Symbol was viewed as despicable. Given that atmosphere, how could that war be brought to an end? But it was.

College students held military draft cards. When any war protest arose they were happy to support it. Many fled to Canada to avoid being drafted and sent to the jungles of Vietnam. The antiwar protest was a campus centered thing. Starting at the University of Wisconsin, it spread to the large state colleges, and then to Berkeley in CA, Columbia in NYC, and elsewhere. Christian clerics became outspoken protesters, throwing animal blood around a draft board office. People chained themselves to columns of government buildings in DC, riots erupted and violence (against property, not humans) erupted throughout the country.

That is what was required to finally stop the war. MASSIVE PROTESTS. I left my job, taking earned vacation time in NYC to return to my college (Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio), growing a ponytail, and joined the kids. There used to be a photo of me online with a burning police car in the background (maybe it is still there, I might search for it). Of course, nice conservative Americans were horrified and unsupportive. BUT IT STOPPED THE WAR. Here is how:

Every year a bill came up in Congress to fund the war. It was euphemistically titled something like "funding for aid to South Vietnam". Guess what! When then President Ford sent it back for signing, he was shocked and amazed that the politicians (although compromized as ever) declined to sign it and there was no more money to continue the war. Simple as that.

You might wonder, why did the guys in Congress not sign the bill, as usual? Here is the simple reason: THEY WERE TERRIFIED TO RETURN TO THEIR HOMES IF THEY SIGNED IT. Their hometowns were partially ablaze. We did that. VIOLENT DISSENT STOPPED THE BLOODSHED, not philosophy, peace marches, essays (The NY Review of Books had great anti-war articles by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, and others), not car signs, T-shirts, etc. Without VIOLENT PROTESTS who knows how much further and longer the Pentagon's war chiefs, the CIA, and the U.S. Congress would have gone even after more than fifty thousand young men had been killed and tens of thousands more injured and crippled in other ways.

Ruling war-mongers and supporting corporations were getting richer. Since then it has been disclosed that U.S. corporations, supported by their bankers, made and financed equipment for the enemy that killed U.S. troops, just as they had done during WW2. (If you require confirmation, read the research of Antony Sutton (www.bigeye.org/antonysutton.htm), who was attacked by the IRS (which is in the picture today, as usual).

We don't need petitions, a vote, lawsuits, etc. More talk, in fact, just encourages the bastards, letting them know that all is well for them. We need to do the job through online recruitment and positive action regardless of what others think or say. There are enough persons using the internet today that when this program becomes unacceptable to the usual suspects we will have provided the seeds for massive organized resistance. Perhaps violence (against property only) will be unnecessary. However, remember the Vietnam era. Look up the speech by Mario Savio in California. It is applicable again today.

Young Americans came together, Whites, Blacks, Jews, Gentiles, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Those who valued laws, encoded in our U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights, confirmed the fundamental rights given to us, not from any government, but that come from God, TO INSTITUTE NEW GOVERNMENT BY EXERCISING THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO FREELY ASSEMBLE. The continuing civil-rights movement was supported by many Vietnam war protesters who CAME together for the purpose of compelling persons in authority to take heed.

These are again "the times that try mens' souls". We MUST respond in numbers, defending ourselves when necessary, for our own lives as well as for the lives of our companions, our children, their children and for future generations, not only on this continent but throughout the world.

Note: Just so you don't have to look it up, here are Mario Savio's closing remarks:

There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!

Are YOU going to help us? Study and broadcast these two sites:

NewsWatch.org & BigEye.org/internet.htm

Let the Internet Fix America!

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All I can say is if you aren't already a "prepper" what is going on right now should make you one. I for one will be doubling my efforts to be ready for the inevitable "shit show". I think it is too late to try to wake anyone else up. If you aren't awake yet you aren't going to wake up.

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Nice writeup, and believe WW3, a mostly non-kinetic war, has been underway for many decades. That is, we were warned of the highly successful Russian invasion of America by defector/deserter’s Yuri Bezmenov, Manning Johnson, Whittaker Chambers, etc. So, CCP subversives are just building on this foundation, quite successfully as you note.

Public opinion matters. It was a massive public opinion shift, due to Pearl Harbor, that resulted in US entry into WW2. The events leading to this shift were engineered by the cabal that grew out of the British East India Company. This cabal has been misleading US citizenry since well before 1913, when it engineered acceptance of FED being established, which allows central bankers to collect interest on money they print for free (not good, as this made them an est’d $0.5T in 2022 to fund their dirty work).

This cabal funds both sides of wars, for example, and was most likely who had JFK killed to keep him from disbanding FED. If only for our kids, we must stop falling for this engineered reality garbage -- much of which has been made obvious recently, to cabal’s chagrin, as a result of clumsy rollouts of plandemic, etc, etc -- so educating citizenry and clearly expressing its opinions in a timely manner, via PR group leader coordination, is an approach worth considering.

We must not let the decoy crisis’s distract us from the main target, TPTB.max (spawned by BEIC), which is hidden above the fray -- it did these:

* Plandemic rolled out early to cover massive $-printing by FED to stop collapse of repo market in SEP-2019

* Bogus, anti-constitutional public health measures pushed on all countries in world in MAR-2020 by TPTB.max, without a whimper (so full control exists via bribes/blackmail)

* Heat/industry crisis from pipeline sabotage to cover FED rate-hike assault on Europe

* Balloon crisis (after China) occurred 1-day after US sabotage of pipeline revealed

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Tom, I’m sorry but I’m not as optimistic as you are, that the people will wake up and be willing to lay down everything on the line, including their lives. Unfortunately, we may have already lost our country and we did it willingly because we didn’t resist. I appreciate all you have done but it’s not enough. I will not go down on my knees, and I can say that with total sincerity, because I am a child of God, and I have excepted him as my Lord and Savior, and I am willing to lose my life to save this country, but I’m not enough either. God help us

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There is a "RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE RALLY" taking place in Washington D.C. on February 19th. For the rest of us in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, we are asking citizens to hold a candle/ flashlight vigil for "PEACE NOT WAR" at home. Cellphone flashlights will work great. Let's light up North America for peace, this SUNDAY, February 19th; 10:00 Eastern time, 9:00 Central time, 8:00 Mountain time, 7:00 Pacific time. LIGHT UP AMERICA FOR PEACE! Please help spread the word on social media, family, friends. Thank you.

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I know what I WON’T do. Comply with tyrants.

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