Well laid out; parallels of history. Highlighting the same spirit of freedom & government of WE the People not over the people by tyrants of any stripe.

I wish everyone would read this & ponder it carefully.

It’s an Archive for me; I imagine I’ll be referencing this often in the days ahead.

Thank you!

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Well stated, Counselor. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” - George Santayana

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Superb article, Mr. Renz. I do plan to share it and continue subscribing to support your efforts.

I hope I'm not overstepping by suggesting that another set of eyes in your office check for grammar, punctuation, etc. A perfectly formed article will lend gravitas to your message, helping English-picky readers focus on your most excellent content rather than a few (understandable) typos.

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The simplest way to take away the rights of a people is to allow an illegal invasion at the border. Then you place the invaders in positions to take away the legal rights of the people they have invaded. If the residents do not stop the invasion it will be too late. The reason being they will give all tax money thru one program or another to the invaders.Its taxation without representation. Sound familiar?

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Mr Renz,

Recently Ms Janet Yellen (US Secretary of Treasury) and Mr Merrick Garland (US Attorney General) visited Zelenski in Ukraine.

Why would Yellen and Garland be there? They aren't diplomats or military/national security people. Maybe to give Zelenski a cut multi billion dollar check? Maybe to hide corruption?

I'm sorry Garland is so sleazy that it's hard to imagine he's the chief law enforcement officer of the US.

On another note, as a former US DOT public servant I was appalled by Mr Buttigieg's behavior during the East Palestine disaster. He finally showed up after Trump brought those people truck loads of clean water. And guess what? He was wearing Berluti Boots! These cost over $2000. Berluti Booty Buttigieg. Then he blamed Trump for not enforcing railroad car brake regulations, but the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) stated that the disaster was due an axle failure, not a brake failure.

My prediction is Trump won't be arrested. The Biden revelations are so bad that they are scrambling now just to survive.

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The US Constitution created our government and not the other way around! US government was created to oversee peace, foreign commerce and safety for 'We The People!' Nothing more! All other powers are left to States and their people! However, our government has overgrown it's britches! As, the Head of Border Patrol (I've forgotten his name) recently told an interrogating stateswoman who was outlandishly banting him mid-sentence, as she pounded her gavel, "Your time is up, sir! Your time is up!" He responded over her, "You work for me! I don't work for you!" Our Constitution tells us that when reasonable efforts have been tried, but have failed to pull in government reins, "It Is The People's Duty to Take Back Our Country! We are there!

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Excellent article, Tom.

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I'm so glad we have a patriot like you willing to speak out and 'rally the troops'! God Bless you and protect you and your family and all those who work for you and support you.

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J6 Was a False Flag Insurrection (Video) - The crisis was created to eliminate the motion challenges to halt the certification State elections and to begin voting to look into voting irregularities and fraud. - https://tinyurl.com/4bz92x5x

The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection (Conservative Treehouse) - https://tinyurl.com/mwfvzy6h

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The "NO VIRUS" Awakening Goes International (Dr. Sam Bailey)

NO VIRUS International - Global Awakening Exposes Virology as Fake Science (Dr. Sam Bailey (3/4/23)


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Yup. Delighted to read that we MUST do something. I love history, good writing, and sharing constuctive ideas. These are all necessary, however insufficient given the current turn of events. Those who created our former nation for LIBERTY put the 2nd Amendment in for a good reason and it wasn't about gun collecting, target practice, or hunting animals. Tom is correct. We must DO something, however reluctantly.

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Tom Renz fights for the future of America. He is a Patriot who seeks to preserve Liberty and Freedom for Our Families and children.

Rise to the defense of Patriots!

America needs to be restored and The Tree of Liberty will require the blood of patriots and tyrants to be restored.

A shooting war is soon coming to America as the war against her is in a new phase.

The arrest of 45th President Donald J. Trump by democrat whore leftist Soros NWO compromised corrupt prosecutors operating unconstitutionally in New York will be a trumpet call for America First Minutemen and their respective militias to commence execution of tyrants and their plans for counterrevolution against leftist communist CCP NWO traitors. Whether inside government or outside, all traitors must be purged for the survivorship of American Freedom and Liberty.

Those that have destroyed the American Republic are enemies of the state whether foreign or domestic.

Death awaits you traitors and the extermination of your kind will be obliged by Patriotic Americans who will resist tyrannical government and unconstitutional illegal orders.

The defense of necessity shall be raised. It became necessary to kill the tyrant and all those who work for tyranny and tyrannical aims.

Arm yourselves. Sharpen your axes, knifes, and pitchforks. The PLA, CCP, invading Muslim Hoards and/or Russian armies will be killing American civilians, soldiers, and conspiring traitors. The Registered Democrats, Rinos and illegals aliens will be your enemies. Rouge military of the NWO, The UN, WHO, WEF, NSA, CDC, IRS, ATF, CIA, and other federally controlled agencies will demonstrate their willingness towards tyranny.

Trust in God. Death to tyrants and tyranny.

Dump their TEA into the sea! Let the blood flow to the Tree of Liberty is is looking sickly!

I see a traitor’s red door and I want to paint it black.

The tyrants want to kill us off ie: mRNA and the great poisonings. What if we kill them first? What if they become dead at the patriotic hand of a Patriot? What if America First kills off tyrants? Long live MAGA!

It is time to take this Country back from the criminal NWO!

Gargasz, Robert J.

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In your spare time, Tom, you need to write a book. Perhaps you need a thing you can attach to your skull at night that will write it for you. I kid but at some point in your life, a book or two or three will be well received.

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EXCELLENT commentary/insight, Mr Renz. The daily assault on common sense/intelligence is mind boggling and disgusting. This country is at a fork in the road or the edge of a cliff. I hope/pray the correct choice is made.

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"If enough of us stand peacefully but immovably we can still save our country and freedom around the world but we MUST take action now."

That sentence illustrates our dilemma neatly: we must "stand _immovably_ ... but ... take _action_ now."

Is it even possible?

It is. One easy example is to stay in the fast lane doing the speed limit while the guy behind you goes nuts. It will take brains more than brawn but there are ways to drive regimes nuts, too.

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I agree with much of what Mr. Renz has said. However, I disagree that the left generally wants the same freedoms as the rest of us: "Americans are still very strongly of the belief that we should all be able to live our lives freely with minimal interference from outside interference," as Mr. Renz says.

Living in a part of the country that's heavily leftist, my take is that the left wants to dictate to the rest of us what our greatest good is. They have contempt for those who don't think like they do and they believe, therefore, that their views should be imposed on the rest of us. "Contempt" is the key concept here.

It all comes down to the question of "the greatest good." The left is convinced that our greatest good is that we do what they say and they're OK with those dictates shoved down our throats because "they're right." So they can tell us that boys can be girls and be on the girl's basketball team, and we should all be OK with that because their doctrines are correct.

Our greatest good is that we're each free to pursue our own greatest good, with minimal interference from the state. The left doesn't believe this. They believe that since they're right, the rest of us should do what they tell us, for the good of everyone. So the left is naive politically, not understanding that claims of imposing "the greatest good" on society is the beginning of tyranny, or worse.

We're moving away from a basic understanding of the relationship between government and freedom that our founding generation understood.

All of this gets complicated with the bogus theory of CO2 catastrophe, which is why I believe that the theory of CO2 catastrophe is the fundamental deception being used to convince people what we must dispense with individual freedom and be "all in this together." After all, Schwab's Great Reset is premised almost entirely on the need to save the planet: this justifies the reset. Without CO2 catastrophe, the need for a reset vanishes.

Regarding the potential Trump arrest, it's my belief that this is a trap similar to how January 6 was a trap. They want us to protest. They want us to be violent, even. We shouldn't react quickly but be calm and try to assess the game plan, and in this I believe Trump is mistaken in calling for protest. Later, maybe, but first we should think about what their game plan might be-- and they certainly have a game plan. Remember that they see everything we talk about, but we have little idea what they're thinking.

Be on your guards.

Defend the right to speak freely. Defend freedom from surveillance. Don't get too in the weeds: keep it simple so that the common person can understand. A government that silences criticism, as ours now does, is a government on the edge of tyranny. We must be able to criticize the government without penalty.

Our main goal now is to make the common person, and even the person on the left, see that tyranny is rising its head, and it starts with the censorship, examples of which abound today. Anyone should be able to see the insidious nature of censorship.

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