Thank you, Tom Renz, for addressing the GIGANTIC Covid-vax elephant in the room 🐘. As far as I can tell, The Donald remains not only unapologetic, but boastful, regarding the jabs. Many of his supporters -- including me, a nothing burger in his eyes -- have begged him to:

1) Acknowledge that the jabs are deadly for many;

2) Covid-19 was a giant psy-op designed to institute worldwide tyranny (even HE was fooled); and

3) He is sorry for not recognizing the above, will seek and LISTEN TO better advisers, and double-down his efforts to drain the Deep State swamp.

As a conservative, I would seriously consider registering Democrat and voting for RFK Jr. at least in the primary. RFK Jr. appears to be an honorable man with knowledge, experience, and integrity on many issues. Until I started listening to his podcasts and interviews, I knew none of this (only the lies from the press). I probably would not agree with his position on everything, but I believe he wants the best for America and Americans.

For those who want to know RFK Jr. a bit better, consider listening to Part 1 and Part 2 of Jan Jekielek's (Epoch Times Senior Editor) interviews with him:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Part 1): The Dark Secrets of the Childhood Immunization Schedule and the Vaccine Approval Process (49 min): https://podbay.fm/p/american-thought-leaders/e/1678751340

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Part 2): From Event 201 to Dark Winter, the Pandemic Simulations That Foreshadowed Our New Reality (57 min): https://podbay.fm/p/american-thought-leaders/e/1678923840

You can learn more about the work of RFK Jr's Children's Health Defense non-profit here: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/

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I agree with you Tom! I believe President Trump was deceived. He does need to admit that Warp Speed Is a deception and shout out he was wrong and apologize to US(A). Until President Trump says those words to us, my vote will have to wait!

Have a Blessed Resurrection Day to You and Yours!!

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Trump needs to attack the “Great Reset” which is a misanthropic, depopulation attack on our health, freedom, food supply(farmers), industry using fake vaccines, bullshit climate catastrophism, censorship and surveillance. He needs to call all of this out now! Kennedy understands these issues. Consider Kennedy for his VP?

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Nailed it Tom.

Trump needs to tell the world he was lied to by these treasonous snakes on just about everything. And because of that he’s gonna make it right. The media and cultural marxists were complicit in the lying, so he has nothing to lose, everything to gain.

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In Trumps defense he did at first say that HCQ was effective for the virus. However, the jab itself is the worst attack on the people of the world in history. Once Pence,Fauci and Big Pharma took over it was doomsday for the population. To take credit for the jab by saying I am the Father of it is insane. This was DOD,CDC,NiH pushed stupidity. No safety testing. An end run around human rights. Trump will be president but the big pharma industry is doomed by their failure to provide testing and allowing a dangerous weapon to inflict harm on the world.

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Apr 9·edited Apr 9

I am sorry to bring up reality however ...

" It is not those who vote that count but those who count the vote ".

The Dominion changer machines will decide once again.

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Two things are necessary. Trump needs to make it clear he was wrong about the Operation Warp Speed Death jabs he takes credit for. Many people lost their lives because the buck stops with him.

Too many folks will never vote for him again because of that; they had loved ones or friends who died. Yes, it is the 800 lb. elephant in the room.

The second problem with Trump is his failure to vet anyone he hires for his administration and apparently he hasn't yet learned that he hired mostly Deep Staters at the behest of Trotskyites like Pence, Christie and even Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing. Christie gave him Wray and diGenovas gave him Barr.

So, those two problems are huge. He needs to hire outside the swamp and beg forgiveness from the American people for the horrors he caused with promoting those Big Pharma depopulation injections.

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If Congress doesn't do something about getting us out of the WHO entanglements, which become a binding one way trip this November, it won't matter if ANY candidate is opposed to the jabs.

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Mr. Trump your coronavirus team were lying scheming criminals! Don’t Shed (emit) on me. They kept you in the dark and fed us cow manure. You allowed us to be treated like mushrooms too.

Even today You refuse to even rebuke these NWO globalist scammers.

Pence betrayed us on January 6! He has badmouthed you.

You picked him. He claims duty prompted him to besmirch us and vote to confirm the fraudulent election results and not seek or investigate as Brunson family has sought.

Treasonous behavior abounds in the CCP purchased Democratic Party and its Rino complement of the uni-party that wants you prosecuted or jailed.

Your treasonous advisors surrounded you with saboteurs who went to work on behalf of the deep state who thwarted your MAGA agenda. Example Pence and General Flynn.

The jabbed are now poisoning everyone.

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed was concocted and monitored by your coronavirus team who were lying scheming criminals hell bent on misleading you and destroying America!

It is not only an obligation of Trump to condemn the “bio-weapon” mRNA poison injection but to acknowledge the genocide / democide his coronavirus team unleashed upon The Jabbed!

The American People have been permanently harmed and damaged.

The DNA of the jabbed has been permanently damaged and altered.

Trump needs not only to distance himself from this, he must identify the criminals and terrorists who killed, maimed, and/or injured my family, friends, acquaintances and citizens by the mRNA poisonings!

The push to poison the children and sterilize them and dumb them further is inexcusable and an abomination to God.

Millstones are sure to be fitted for the necks of Fauci, Barrack, and other gain of function researchers that created these bio-weapons to be unleashed on humanity/ American children and Citizens.

Evildoers of this satanic nature deserve death.

Why does 45 hesitate to condemn each of these satanic bastards? Is it because he labors under a death warrant? This makes sense and explains it.

Yes, We need Trump and his America First agenda back!

MAGA is the movement and the discovery and purge of all treasonous actors and their executions are required.

These bastards built the concentration FEMA camps for me, how appropriate and ironic that we shall use them for their incarceration and execution for their traitorous crimes!

Victory or death!

Live Free or die!

Gargasz, Robert J.

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So well said Tom. And it so needed to be said. Let’s all pray this gets in front of Trump’s eyes and the eyes of others in his inner circle. Happy Easter to you and all your family & readers & supporters.🌅

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I agree with you, Tom, if Donald Trump does not address this, he will be tried with crimes against humanity the Nuremberg code. They’re already comparing him with Joe Biden both of them push the bio weapon. He should’ve adjusted his last year. I am grateful that he stood up for us ,but at this point there are no excuses.

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Sadly, Trump is not going to say anything other than the jabs were the greatest ever invention. And that he was responsible for pushing the FDA to rush them out.

RFK Jr. is an honorable man and has been fighting against the vaccines (all of them) for some time. He is also very aware and verbal about CBDCs and the evil system they will bring. He's fighting the FCC in regards to antiquated data on EMF dangers. He may be too far on the climate change issue, but I think he will investigate truthfully.

Plus, he's younger. I don't understand why the average American is forced to retired by 72 (often 65), but politicians are allowed to keep tottering around well into their 80s.

Bobby for 4 yrs. Then Ron DeSantis...

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Happy Easter, Tom! Keep doing what you're doing. There are many of us who are working hard to obtain and share all the information that's out there besides msm. We are united in wanting freedom, we are not haters, and yes, we're angry. There is much to be angry about. The mistreatment of kids is what makes my blood boil and they are being attacked on all sides. Kamala Dragon Harris visited Ghana recently and was told hands down, we don't want your money, your lgbtq or your vaccines. I have friends there. We facetimed a few days a go and he told us about her visit. He says she is evil. There is much evil! I'm trying to stay patient in all of this while praying for miracles and working daily to get info out. You're not alone.

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Mr Renz,

You are the Dick Butkus of the legal profession.


Unfortunately RFK Jr stands no chance against the DNC machine. To understand the Trump hatred you can study the contributions to the Clinton Foundation after Hillary lost to Trump.

The Trump warp speed was accomplished through a US DOD Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contract which can only be invoked during an emergency. This is pseudo law. RFK Jr interviewed Sasha Latypova about this. She straight up states these people involved are criminals!

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Great post and thanks for clarifying the percent who have likely allowed the bioweapon into their bodies. If it is RFK vs Trump, how can we lose? If RFK gets the dem nomination--how could those criminals allow a straight man into their midst?--polling numbers say he would beat Trump. Best

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