Thank you for your update Tom. Your report is a comfort. At least you are breaking this vile Rogue Regime actions down into some reasonable and understandable information. Kija

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Until the truth is told about the corrupt Statutory Law matrix, we will not go forward. The Constitution is a farce, it was trashed long go and has no value whatsoever. We must resurrect the original Constitution of the Republic of the United States FOR America and throw out the Corporate "Constitution" of the United States OF America. Remove ALL the yellow fringes from the American flag! Americans have no idea what the fringe represents! Tell them! We must shout it from the rooftops, "WE DO NOT COMPLY". We, the People, are our own "government"! We decide what needs to be done. We tell the government what to do, not the other way round! Stop paying income tax! It is not a "lawful" requirement! We are simply making the Crown of England and the Vatican richer! Starve the beast, and it will die. What is required is COURAGE. And leadership by good men. Start speaking the truth, Tom Renz, instead of piling on more fear porn. We have had a lifetime of fear porn, we require truth and leadership.

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It needs to be asked if there really are Monkeypox cases. What are they using to diagnose this? There is no commercially available test for Monkeypox. Do we just take their word for it? Not me...

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Thank you for calling attention to the threat the IHR amendments pose to national sovereignty and the people of the world. I published my objections to the IHR amendments a couple of weeks ago:

• “Letter to the US HHS Office of Global Affairs” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-us-hhs-office-of-global)

I have had the privilege of joining forces with Dr. Tess Lawrie’s World Council for Health on #StopTheIHR, #StopTheTreaty, and #StopTheWHO campaigns, and we will continue ratchet up our efforts in the coming months.

The phenomenal news is we have gotten their attention (https://shabnampalesamohamed.substack.com/p/tedros-mentions-growing-resistance), AND they have dropped 12 of the 13 IHR amendments! This is an amazing victory, and we need to turn up the heat (https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/turn-up-the-heat) so they drop the Article 59 amendment along with the treaty and the rest of their malicious attempts to install one-world tyranny under the guise of public health.

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If goes according to page 10-11 of the NTI document, its another bioweapon. 🙏🏻 Its not, but the last two years seem to prove they don’t care and will go to any length’s to takeover humanity!!


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We need an amendment to the US Constitution that puts a legal hold on all "Executive" orders until they can be litigated in the interest of the people and to keep the tyrants in check.

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I'm grateful that you, Tom Renz, are on our side. May God bless you and protect you with his warring angels!

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Tom, military members should arrest anyone who gives them an unlawful order. The order to take the injection has been ruled unlawful. If those in the military will make arrests I believe it will cause a chain reaction for the good of all.

It is clear from the table top exercise that whatever monkeypox turns out to be, cover for injection side effects/deaths, a GOF bioweapon, both or something else entirely, the intent is to kill millions more people. We can't stop this with out arresting the perpetrators of mass murder.

I'm not trying to say, oh, arresting a superior officer will be easy and work out just fine. Far from it. I am saying that if enough people start making these arrests it will make a real difference to all of us. It shows these injections are not lawfully forced, it puts the onus of the crime on the perpetrators and it could stop further mass murder and maiming.

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Thank you so much Tom for the valuable insights and information. I would like to share with your readers some additional ideas as well, which I feel are critical. Most importantly: If we can wake everyone up to not test this time around, we won’t hand them their plandemic. If people do, G-d forbid, get sick, just treat! Nitazoxanide is a safe antiparisitic drug which should work against monkeypox, and it can be ordered very cheaply from India. I urge everyone to stock up on it. See: https://truth613.substack.com/p/the-planning-of-the-monkeypox-pandemic and https://truth613.substack.com/p/monkeypox-euthanasia-and-why-we-must.

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Echoing Sharon Wood's comment below, but I believe the link she posted won't work. The paper is located here:


Who is NTI? The Nuclear Threat Initiative. Who funded them? Dustin Moskovitz's Open Philanthropy initiative. All the players who were in on the planning of the last plandemic. Do read at least page 10 and 11... this is what they have planned unless they are stopped.

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"Together we stand and divided we fall" should be the driving force behind what we all do in our efforts to defeat the globalist-imposed crimes against humanity. This is a long, hopeful note with some thoughts on how to improve our approach.

Not an expert, but seems clear that winning any battle – be it couched in terms of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, used by military's around the world, or Col John Boyd’s OODA Loops, used by fighter pilots around the world as well as by the US Marines – is much more likely, if one is able to get out in front of their opponent in both "intelligence" and "actions".

The current battles being fought against the crimes (eg, tyranny, genocide, etc) of the globalists appear to have serious weaknesses in both of these areas because:

• The various legal teams, fighting the globalists, do not have a reliable and timely way to keep the other legal teams (with their supporters/followers) properly informed by sharing appropriate intelligence (ie, items that can be shared without jeopardizing ongoing litigation's). "Together we stand and divided we fall" should be driving what is done in this regard.

• Current strategies do not include direct legal attacks on the mid- and lower-level individuals that the criminal leaders have to have in order to execute their illegal orders. This is a serious missed-opportunity-weakness, given that: if such individuals, see others at their level being attacked, with the likelihood of being crushed, then there will be much more pressure on them to resist illegal orders, and even to get together with others in their situation to mutiny.

• Current legal actions do not seem to be anticipating the next attack by the globalists (monkeypox or whatever), and if so, they will never be timely enough to get inside of the criminals’ OODA Loops, like they must. Another serious missed-opportunity-weakness that begs for significant improvements in response time (related suggestions follow).

A strategy that might enable the faster response times needed to significantly improve the chances of timely, effective disruption of illegal actions is suggested:

• All of the EUAs used to impose COVID tyranny were illegal because they violated the Administrative Procedure Act, so the mid- and lower-level worker bees, responsible for assuring APA is not violated, must be put on notice “now” – by legal team actions -- that they will be attacked and likely crushed immediately, if they attempt to bypass APA again (whether it is for monkeypox or something else). Idea would be to have litigation underway that could be quickly augmented with new complaints (no matter what the next globalist fear mongering attack turns out to be).

• Constant monitoring will be required plus a large and immediate public outcry, anytime a violation is observed. People are already monitoring things but better organization is needed. And large, timely public outcries could be arranged if the legal teams made prearrangement's, as a group, with all freedom-advocating pod-casters. Again, "Together we stand and divided we fall" should be driving what is done in this regard.

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If ANSER, and its role in the COVID war against humanity, is unknown to you, then expect you are dangerously unaware of some of the key aspects of this war (eg, the hidden organizations and people involved), and becoming aware should thus be a priority (suggest https://ugetube.com/watch/dr-david-martin-no-more-mister-nice-guy-red-pill-expo_Uz8Jf4f2R83mDGk.html as a start). I was unaware of this info until 2 weeks ago, although the basic info has been out there since July 2021, and my crude survey suggests I am far from alone – not good.

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No I haven't and, sadly, I am not able to access this site! Can you tel me what this organization does? Thank you for sending this info, I am very interested.

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I recently saw you on a video interview (possibly on Zoom with people from Germany or Austria) shared on Telegram where you discussed the IP36 deletion syndrome and VMAT2/PAKs5 gene deletions. I would like to know more. Thanks!

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Have come to believe, from the video link below and other observations, that all too often the opposition’s propaganda has us attacking their decoys rather than their carefully camouflaged main column. We must all be aware enough of this main column, so that we are far more afraid of it than we are of the many decoys that they continue to deploy.

To me, a key takeaway from this and other telltales is that the various legal teams fighting tyranny are not coordinated well enough:

• The followers of each legal team need to be made aware enough of big-picture items like this so that they will be afraid of the right things, and spread the word quickly and widely.

• The appearance of unfriendly competition between legal teams must be avoided and true friendly competition pursued (eg, all wins against enemy need to be acknowledged and celebrated by all legal teams and their followers).

Video = Reveals previously hidden criminals, connects the dots, presents powerful calls to action, etc (0:50:15)

• Dr. David Martin - No More Mister Nice Guy - Red Pill Expo (09 Nov 2021)


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