Bravo, Tom! The response must be simply, "We The People" do not comply! We will not wear masks, distance ourselves from others, accept a lockdown or take a "vaccine". We're DONE! Let's starve the Beast of all authority, satisfaction and money! If we all agree to this, the globalists will disappear quickly. So, come on, everyone, let's have some fun with this fake monkeypox scam! Let's paint little red dots all over our faces and pretend we are all dying of this dread disease while we go out partying until we drop!

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Let the arrests begin please.

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This is an excellent analysis! I have a question and I have to be really vague about it but I'm really bothered by something.

If someone in your state who is supposed to know about the national declaration and Ted's fake, and they haven't heard of it, what does that mean? Does that mean that not all states have been given a plan of action by the Feds? Certainly, NY, CA and IL were given orders.

Also, for states that do want to reject it and also want to not follow orders given on c-19 even though they took Federal money, could we use what Catherine Austin Fitts calls the common law right of offset? A minimum of $65,000 per person is owed each of us by the Fed govt. (a low estimate). Couldn't the states invoke this to say, basically, we've paid you your money back, now be gone!

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7,000 cases in a population of 300,000,000 people = 0.0000233

Infinitesimal risk could accurately describe risk for this disease.

(also a scurge mainly confined to gay males practicing perverse immoral sex acts with each other)

Government Officials exaggerate risk to fear monger the public. Perhaps these scoundrels would be better suited with injections of the poison vaccines for pox of communist communicable disease.

Natural God-created innate immunity serves Constitutional Conservatives well.

Leftist traitors: Take your mRNA poisoning elsewhere and May you sleep and die with the monkeys your communist friends claim are coming for you.

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Well said Tom... And I’m sure you meant August 6 2022 in your writing, it says September 6

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Mr Renz, Very nice writeup that brings reality to monkeypox scam, with connection to adverse events from deathjabs being a great insight. Is just more of the same type of tyranny that “we the people” have not been very successful at stopping quickly enough to avoid serious damage to America.

Some thoughts on “why this is” and “how to fix it” follow for consideration:

* Those in-power continue to break laws because “we the people” have been unable to mount a criminal-prosecution/conviction threat that is serious enough to scare them into being law-abiding. An excellent treatment of related options was just done here (https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/where-did-covid-19-come-from-and ).

* Your work with MAFA is overviewed in this substack, along with that of a number of others, but main “aha” from it is the evidence and insights here (https://vimeo.com/737058146?embedded=true&source=video_title&owner=171938047). Key takeaways from this 3-hour epic include:

__* Signed and ratified treaties have constitutional authority (per Article VI)

__* Multiple treaties -- human-rights, bioweapon, etc -- are violated every time, among other things, a person is forced to take a covid.shot without informed consent

__* Covid.shots contain a human-engineered bioweapon (hard evidence exists, not fringe at all)

__* Anyone who takes an oath of office, to uphold and defend constitution, that violates a treaty is guilty of treason.

* Dr Fleming’s grand-jury approach:

__* Will likely work best in states with amenable laws or officeholders, and letting it be one of the “bad-cop” teams, among the legal teams, would help keep this “out for blood” approach from hindering the “tamer” legal battles.

__* Should be used to indict/convict people for treason, to include treaty-breaking individuals such as: (a) officeholders, (b) judges (see 2:44:04-25 of video), and (c) board members (eg, VRBPAC, medical, etc) who have taken oath to uphold/defend constitution (others would be indicted.for/convicted.of incompetence/malpractice).

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Aug 16, 2022·edited Aug 16, 2022

Can we all please cease calling the people who work for us and get paid by us to provide social services "leaders"? It gives them a status they cannot earn and that they don't deserve. They are public servants, not "govern"ment. By allowing them to refer to themselves as such they get the idea that they can boss us which is an actual reversal of our roles. If we say it often enough everyone starts believing it and bad stuff begins to happen.

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CHD says the monkeypox injection has been approved for kids. (CHD TV)

We need law enforcement. This will end in criminal battery and homicide. Since apparently we don't have anyone in law enforcement who is willing to take these criminals on, might we do the following: NV is allowing companies to form their own jurisdiction in their state. I think these companies can have their own laws. So what if we made a tech town in NV whose laws were the US Constitution and included international law which forbids human experimentation, etc.?

We could recruit people who are not afraid to make arrests and will prosecute.

I am horrified that we don't have law enforcement willing to stand up, but they aren't. So maybe we just need to provide well trained, ethical and strong people who will do this job.

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Tom, moneypox is distinctive from Herpes/shingles. It's in the patterns, fevering, and some other things. I understand that moneypox is more painful in its acute phase. Also, I read a recent release by the Portugal group that figured out the lab-engineering from samples distributed to the UK, Israel and USA from Nigeria in 2019. Portugal reports they are seeing atypical presentations, and the virus is mutating far faster than even its optimized for virulence and transmission form should be. Bisexual prostitution transactions and activity is staging it for problematic rampage in heterosexuals. A person can acquire it before there is a rash or pustules, while it is brewing up for the rash. Of course, thanks to the globohomopedo cabal establishment and WEF/CCP the correct vector group was selected.

I am very concerned about the smallpox (dubbed moneypox) vaccine. This is really bad news. What trialing there has been shows myocarditis etc. is a major SAE. The next issue is that the jab can result in the disease. And it is going happen, and gates will get his longed-for smallpox epidemic. This will produce the lockdowns and suppression from hell, as well as use of the "shielding" camps/incarcerations . BTW, this product treats smallpox since the 1800s: https://amishways.net/product/sarracenia-purpurea-tincture/ Good stuff.

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