Tom, I watched your talk to the liberty group in Idaho. Those people asked such great questions and they were/are ready to take action. It seems like it's time to go to a citizen's grand jury format.

I saw the courage and determination of those people in Idaho which I've seen echoed by so many other people--people who will take the risk that neither politicians, government attorneys or law enforcement will take. Help us do this work. We will take the risk. (I wrote Shane's wife and said I will do this. She has my contact info.)

There are states w/citizen's grand juries. My state doesn't have them but maybe there is a way to get one going anyway? Let the people do this work. We have the courage and we have the true concern for our world to do it.

There is one thing that I cannot agree to. The figures you site for covid deaths have been shown to be inaccurate. This is because there is false attribution of covid to deaths by the state/nations, using various methods, all of which are themselves illegal and immoral. I think these deaths numbers must be accurate. One death by these criminals is enough for me. The creation of covid is a murder that was deliberate and planned. I strongly feel we should not quote govt. numbers without at least saying that these are false and depend on false reporting by the same govts.

I am very sorry that you had to take out injections from your report. I understand why you did that but really, covid has been the method of getting to mass murder with injections. That is certainly frustrating.

This report represents a lot of courage, heart and work from all of you. I'm so proud of every person who has sought the truth and tried so hard to get it to the public. Congratulations on this incredible work!

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Mr Renz, Thank you for highlighting the lack of action -- by virtually all of our elected and unelected officials, who have taken an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution -- to hold those responsible, for these crimes against humanity, criminally accountable. Clearly something is dreadfully wrong within our Govt.

I admire and support what the Renz/MAFA teams are doing, but think “to win” will, at the end of the day, also require attacking root causes, in addition to the symptoms most legal teams, including the Renz/MAFA teams, are focused on.

Seems most Americans have no clue about even the basics of the root causes that underlie the serious decline of our constitutional republic, because they assume they already know enough about our enemies to counter them effectively, and are thus unwilling to take the ~2 hours needed to find out that they are wrong.

The Ref’s below are an attempt to provide a tutorial (~2 hours) to help Americans educate themselves to a minimum level of awareness re root causes.

I would appreciate hearing your views on the proper focus of peaceful American resistance efforts in the areas of symptoms and root causes. To me, some attitude adjustments in these areas seem an essential ingredient for success.

===== Communist Threats

* Ref-1a = How Communism Actually Works = 20.0min ( https://www.theepochtimes.com/how-communism-actually-works_4475236.html )

* Ref-1b = Why Misunderstanding Communism’s True Nature is Leading the West to Destruction = 23.5min ( https://www.theepochtimes.com/why-misunderstanding-communisms-true-nature-is-leading-the-west-to-destruction_4239229.html )

===== Effective Countermeasures

* Ref-2_1 = Concise rationale for “team humanity” -- Dowd interview with KliM in 2022 = 3.2min (42:12-44:45 + 45:22-46:01) of ( https://rumble.com/vv1adx-breaking-exclusive-former-blackrock-portfolio-manager-exposes-pfizer-fraud.html )

* Ref-2_2 = Concise issues and solutions -- KGB defector interview Griffin in 1984 = 3.2min (1:15:22-1:18:11 + 1:18:42-1:19:02) of ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yru14mMES1c )

* Ref-2a = Zuby interview with Epoch Times = 23.7min ( https://www.theepochtimes.com/zuby-why-the-silent-majority-needs-to-break-free-from-cowardice-and-speak-freely_4731119.html )

* Ref-2b = Harvard senior speech = 6.25-mins ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xtv8XtjzdA ).

* Ref-2c = Snip-#1 from Whitney Webb interview with Dr Mercola = 30sec ( https://www.bitchute.com/video/PaQZqaWB8Q0i/ )

* Ref-2d = Snip-#2 from Whitney Webb interview with Dr Mercola = 47sec ( https://www.bitchute.com/video/qGYoPqQVcXxR/ )

* Ref-2e = Required remedy per lecture by KGB defector = 4.4min (59:00-1:03:23) of his 1983 lecture ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9TviIuXPSE&t=18s )

* Ref-2f = Loudon speech at True The Vote = 35.8min ( https://www.theepochtimes.com/exposing-the-communist-forces-including-china-behind-us-election-integrity-issues-trevor-loudon-facts-matter_4743580.html )

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Total lack of transparency, No interest in studying vaccine side effects, No effort launched to fund autopsies, No acknowledgement of surge in non Covid excess mortality, Relentless march forward with leaky and negative efficacy vaccines, collusion to censor data-supported warnings; What has our government become, and who is the primary driver behind it?

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Tom, now we've switched to 'there was a pandemic'? The tests, the cause of death determination? What about Koch's postulates? Were they ever used to determine that anyone was sick with SARSCoV2, because we know the tests can't tell you that.......Kind of seems like you switched gears here. Is SARSCoV2 in silico only? I think these are important questions.

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Tom, Alex Berenson is reporting that Fausti has contracted w/ecohealth alliance to work on bar viruses. We have to move. These people mean to kill us. Rand Paul could have locked up Fausti in the Congressional jail cell for lying to Congress. He cannot be sincere and it's a mistake to look to these "important" people to solve our problems.

Ohio Stands Up has very capable people who could form a citizen's grand jury, which I believe is allowed in Ohio. There are many of us who will do this work. We could use help to do it because we aren't lawyers. But we do have courage and we do care.

Most of Jesus' followers were from the lower classes w/only a few from the "important class". This is because they saw the need and they filled it. You need people w/courage and who care about others and our nation. Maybe there is someone from the "important class" who will step forward to get indictments, but right now, the lower class is saying, help us stop these criminals. Why won't you?

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From what I have seen of the various "grand jury petitions and letters that presenters suggest people send to AGs and prosecutors, are severely lacking. Unfortunately, the speakers have law degrees or do not have criminal prosecution experience. It shows. Have to start with a complaint/report to a county law enforcement agency. The victim or victims have direct involvement or be strong witnesses that can articulate and shore up with documents, experts (ideally) the state crimes. There are no Crimes Against Humanity statutes in my state. They need a former prosecutor to work on such cases, to hit all the elements, it will require a lot of detail work. Look at the AE 9/11 group that pushed for GJ in NY. They are getting jerked around by the prosecutors badly. They have made some headway; the forces involved are CIA and worse, of course. I do think done well, with some county prosecutors with a budget, a righteous supported sheriff and commissioners that will at least stay the hell out of the way, GJ can be done. Fuellmich is not the way, with his mock GJ, even absent his financial issues, he isn't helping his claims of having ethics by badmouthing the board, not taking care of business and exiting. Nor did his and Mikovits' appropriation of the Crimes Against Humanity tour name, running pop-up conferences, defaming people with far more earned credentials. Bad. Fuellmich ad some excellent people for deposing, but I am not aware he has those transcribed by court reporters. I want to see the speakers on the legit tour get some consults with experienced criminal prosecutors, it will help the presentations., because people want to help but they don't know the mechanics. I haven't watched any recently so perhaps this has happened? I cannot do it, due to health and stamina issues. I wish I could, it worries me, keeps me up at night (with the Overthrow and culling in progress too, of course. (Tom, btw I have sent an email to your organization, I can help on the civil necessary minutiae, discovery, proofing, another set of eyes, when needed. I understand tending to emails is backed up.).

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Video receipts: I see the same connections.

https://rumble.com/v1nsar8-the-short-history-of-the-2020s-or-how-to-takeover-the-world-ii.html (1:04:29 - 37 minutes and review of all the connections. Funny how Renee Wegrzyn got involved.)

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Are you able to post the statement of claim here? Congratulations!!!!!

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