The warrior Angels of Christ the King shall lead the National Christian Patriot Army of Jesus Christ against the satanic forces of evil. St. Michael the Archangel will lead under the Orders of Christ Jesus a revolution to purge the corrupt traitors to Word of God the Father.

America Defilement shall end and its worldly beacon of Liberty and Freedom will be restored. Standing in this battle, my compatriots know death is but a liberation of earthly limitations as my King has reserved a place for me and I will be restored to external happiness reunited with my Savior and Family. I will not be deterred in my Lord’s Orders.

I caution those mock my Christ Jesus Lord and King God almighty. He has ordered his Christian Nationalist Patriots to sell their finest cloak and to acquire a sword useful to battle and slay the enemy. He expressed outrage and righteous anger as he turned over the merchants tables that defiled His Father’s Home. He declared that it would be better that child molesters would be better off tying a millstone around their necks and throw themselves into the sea, than to face the vengeance of His Father that will be imposed as punishment for harming of innocents. Lastly, it has been declared that my God is a vengeful God who angers at evil. He has and will create pillars of salt of the wicked and mocking traitors to his goodness and creation.

All must stand for judgment at the end of their time. Come Patriots : Pick up your swords and join in our Christian defense of God’s beloved America.

We are blessed to be living within the shining city of the hill radiating a beautiful light and illustrating God’s Blessings of Freedom and Liberty.

God Created America. Help us to Make America Great Again.

Pray for Her that Christ will send His Angels to purge the communist evildoers and soulless scoundrels from power and deposit them in prisons or hell. Death to NWO satanic evildoers who seek the death of innocents and who are engaging In democide with poisonous “gene therapy shots” altering the creation of God’s human DNA. Protect God’s Institutions as He Jehova God Ordained. Stand up for His Word!

Thank you God for my life and my death as you deem appropriate in defense of my America. A Constitutional Convervative / Christian National Traditional Catholic .

Victory or death. Live Free or die.

Robert J. Gargasz

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Well, we know that the "mainstream media" is promoting their conspiracies which are not theories, but truth and it's rotten. We can't be surprised that people in these high places in the msm will attack and attack and attack. And when they do, are we afraid and cowering and wringing our hands? No. Of course not. We look at those sorts of behaviours, and we see that we are right over the target, otherwise why would they care? Wisdom, courage and love are holding the line.

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