GEEZUS, this is beyond pale! Each day I wake up and hopefully contemplate if the world has righted itself. We are on the Highway to Hell, traveling at a high rate of speed, it appears.

Thank you, Mr. Renz, for being a voice and an advocate in these truly disheartening and trying times. ♥️

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Also see the lively interview with Tom Renz, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Malcom Outloud here: https://www.americaoutloud.com/dont-eat-your-vaccines-and-q-a-64-on-america-out-loud-pulse/

If you live in Missouri, call your legislators. If you live in other states, ask them to sponsor similar bills. Enough is enough! Find your legislator: https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/

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Pressure!!! Keep it going!

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"Republicans that claimed (incorrectly) that it would cause problems for farmers and ranchers."

A lie by any other name is still a lie.

Thank you Tom for fighting the good fight. As I said in a recent Dr. McCullough post regarding this legislation, as well intended as it may be it seems to me a tepid response. Shouldn't the whole Island of Dr. Moreau experimentation be outlawed and have death penalties attached to them?

Thanks again Tom, for helping those forced or duped into taking the poison prick and being hurt by it. I will pass this on to them in hopes they will seek redress.

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Too many lobbyist, too much money and too much deceit...

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Thank you Mr. Renz for ALL you are doing to inform, fight and protect us.

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So we're all unwitting participants in a medical experiment. This is more unethical than Tuskegee given that our consent is being entirely bypassed -- we're not even supposed to know we're being used as lab rats.

I have to wonder: did Tuskegee not produce any legal precedent upon which we can build a federal case to stop this?

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This Missourian has already taken a stand with his state legislator. And now I am watching to see how he votes. I will also be watching to see how other legislators vote. Most will be seeking election to a higher office and their vote on this bill will be an acid test for years to come.

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Ok Tom , I will do my part.

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Renz! I love you but nobody can read that list! (Even when you expand it; it gets super blurry)

Please put the readable text up there brother. I'm an MO resident, so I just made the calls and I compiled the list as I went along for you:

Bill Hardwick



Dane Diehl



Ashley Aune



Bishop Davidson


Also send to assistant: shana.beasley@house.mo.gov


Jeff Farnan



Sherri Gallick



Mike Haffner



Dave Hinman



Josh Hurlbert



Doug Mann



Jamie Johnson



Adam Schnelting



David Tyson Smith



I'm going to leave the email I sent, although I strongly encourage everyone to, at bare minimum, incorporate their own touch (after all, you're sending it to over a dozen people; might as well make it your own). I've heard if it looks like a bunch of people used an automated mailer it can have significantly less of an effect (still better than nothing, I assume). If you're contacting from out of state I don't see any problem with that; as I see it, you have a right to petition in this country; you don't have to underscore where you are or aren't from.

Dear [name of rep],

As a Missouri resident, I implore you to support HB 1169. Ever since Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock's discoveries (https://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/transposons-or-jumping-genes-not-junk-dna-1211/), it's been clear that the world of (epi)genetic phenomena is wilder than previously thought, and that nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to the intricacies of biology.

In fact, that's exactly what was found in peer reviewed studies with these new nucleotide chain injection "vaccines" known as the mRNA platform (https://www.mdpi.com/1467-3045/44/3/73). The fact that there has been demonstrable transcription in vitro means that any food product injected with these experiments is a potential GMO experiment, and consumers have full right to know when they are consuming the product of novel experimentation.

Anything else is a betrayal of the public's trust and of informed consent.

Please listen to the voices of your constituents here in Missouri. We have no interest in experimentation on our food with newfangled pharmaceutical products without our knowledge, and are tired of large corporations and myopic government officials thinking it is their right to insist otherwise.

Thank you and God bless,

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Re FOOD Supply

The best counsel I ever got as a business owner came from my mom when she taught me to appoint G-d as CEO of my business. You can do the same and it doesn't even involve setting up an extra email handle.

My CEO guided us to continue calling out Dr Andrew Huff's FOOD Shortage patent 20140288995a1, as you have influence for proper repentance with your connections. I feel a public repentance takes priority over the mRNA in FOOD because the messenger in 'm'RNA is Messianic. Our CEO gets 1st right of refusal including takeover with all [nano]tech especially food. The gov't grant patent is not prophetic, its called Hegelian Dialectic, David Ike's PROBLEM, • REACTION • SOLUTION or WHO smelt it dealt it:


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Will there be information sharing in supermarkets like product labeling of ingredients or “non GMO” labeling of these foods? That is the most basic of expectation as a consumer. This whole thing is so disturbing.

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Question: How long does it take Costco to raise their 3 pound chicken that they sell for $4.99?

Answer: 42 days...

Think about the type of chicken feed needed to put on that type of weight in a month and a half...

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