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We should feed Gates his own garbage. Someone recently pointed out that right across the street from a building titled 'Planned Parenthood', Silicon Valley, there stands an Alternative MEAT building (Owners BILL GATES & ?). Is there any possibility that this "Meat" consists of aborted fetuses? Is this meat HUMAN? Optics look strange. Any other Alternative Meat buildings next to Planned Parenthood supply buildings? Have there been any independent test on this "meat" to find out WHAT it is? We know we can't trust Gates Foundation Owned FDA. Gates and his Partners are the owners of this Alternative MEAT that looks exactly like meat. Fake eggs and fish coming soon.

Without real healthy food, there is no hope for the future of human or animal life. It's clear to us all, that we are being poisoned, from Land, Sea, Air, Drugs, Vaccines, and FOOD? Genocidal Maniac! Frankenstein!! Pedo Island ADDICT!

Along with that info, 750,000, give or take, missing persons reports per year in the USA with only 20 or so, recovered "AT HOME" in 2022, reported by another agency we didn't elect 'National Ctr for missing and exploited'. 20 years the same woman in charge doesn't have a grasp on why this many people are "MISSING" year after year? Something very fishy here. WE THE PEOPLE fund their 6 figure salaries. They are closely connected with the Corrupt FBI, and some have said they are closely connected to EPSTEIN. Hmmmmmm We didn't elect them so how is it that they are the premiere agency tracking MISSING CHILDREN? Why do we have an FBI then? Isnt that their job? Time to END FUNDING for the CTR for MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN. I dont know what they do for those 6 figure salaries? They sure don't seem to be finding any missing kids that are not already home?

Where are all these MISSING people? Trafficked children? Alternative meat? A billion cameras everywhere watching us, and they can't be found?

Who made GATES GOD over everything? HE decides what we eat drink, inject, say, feel, buy, sell?

Don't eat this garbage... WAKE UP AMERICA and DEMAND an end to ALTERNATIVE FOOD. It cant be good for you. Everything is CORRUPT! We could be eating anything including recycled garbage or the MISSING. Are they turning us all into Canabal's? LIKE THEM?

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The fossil record is replete with DNA experiments that failed after a few million years. Most DNA experiments (biologists call them "mutations") end in immediate failure. Cell lines simply fail to function and die out.

So it takes a fair amount of hubris to think we can improve human nature by monkeying around with genetics.

The biggest human advancement was the rise of cultural evolution. A modified DNA sequence takes a couple of decades to get from one ancestor to a handful of human children. But a better idea for a tool that does some useful function, spreads at the speed of speech.

The Eugenics movement have missed that point entirely. We can learn with our brains in minutes, what DNA changes can assimilate in centuries. Human genetic evolution stopped and human communities became genetically diverse for a reason: A diverse population has multiple special needs and novel talents. Genetically we've become what's best suited for specialization in multiple skills and a proliferation of trade with each other: Different.

If we're to overcome the Transhumanist Agenda, it will happen by teaching the role of diversity in creating knowledge and prosperity, until the last narcissistic nut jobs pushing Eugenics, finally hear so much ridicule that they learn a new hobby that does not involve forcing people to be different.

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If we don't stop the RNA and DNA injections that reprogram cellular function, we will enter the twilight zone of human life. https://thomasabraunrph.substack.com/p/evil-lies

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How much mRNA /RNA is in this "FLAVOR"

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Off topic. But I’m a paid subscriber and did not receive this post. Censored?

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excellent article and thanks for the heads up.

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