Great writeup as usual -- a slam-dunk case against MRNA gene-therapy shots, for sure -- but please always remind people that MDs, pushing such therapies, demonstrate that they are guilty of criminal malpractice/incompetence, given that:

* Evidence of this is overwhelming via existing textbooks, studies, and Nobel prizes

* See Dr Bhadki MD’s tutorial on Rumble -- “All mRNA Vaccines will cause harm”

This is critically important, for the public to know, because the bozo’s will soon push all shots to being mRNA-based.

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I wonder about the use of the word therapy. Therapy implies some sort of therapeutic or beneficial effect, which we know is not the case here.

I don't think these mRNA bioweapons are gene therapy per se, but rather, are gene modification. Yes, they may be classified as gene therapy (probably because they were originally conceived with a therapeutic intent), but I think it's more accurate to say that they're a gene-modification or gene-editing technology.

(I think I've heard Karen Kingston say something to that effect.)

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I am grateful to God for the human genes DNA he gave to my parents who then gave them by grace to me.

mRNA gene therapy is not compatible with God’s creation of humans.

It is poison to humans and alters their genetic code to cause injuries, damages, and death.

It is an agency of death and disability foisted upon Americans by malicious fraudulent deception and government lies.

Woo to your murderous brood of vipers who seek to harm the innocents, God is aware of your evil intentions and deeds. Your special place in hell for torment and eternal suffering has been prepared and it would be better to tie a millstone around your neck and toss yourself into the sea.

Praise God for His Mercy and Justice is coming and will endure as Light and Truth.

Robert J. Gargasz

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An excellent succinct read. These companies are despicable. When will they be held accountable? Thank you Tom for enlightening us and pushing and pushing to educate the public and take these companies to task.

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Great summary. I would add that Big Pharma is involved in Bio-Warfare and Covid is a Bio-Weapon. No human should ever alter our God-given DNA. All the evildoers will have their judgment day! Kudos to you, Tom Renz! Thank you.

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I thought this has always been known from the start?? Many people were surprised at the selection of MRNA as the path forward. The fact that they needed to change the definition of "vaccine" not once but twice was suspect as well.

In the beginning you were able to find, via a google search, MRNA, gene therapy being one and the same.

Even beyond the fact that MRNA was selected as the approved course of action in looking for a "cure" it was known that MRNA had been in past trials lethal. NO TEST SUBJECTS MADE IT OUT ALIVE...INCLUDING THE CONTROL GROUP.

MRNA is the perfect bio-weapon as it kills through time through different means....cancer, stroke, heart attacks etc.

All these drug companies knew the likely event of ADE going forward after someone was administered this gene therapy. In some of the informed consent forms initially provided spelled all of this out.

Big Pharma is just the front guy in all of this...it was started and perpetuated by the government. None of this would have happened if not for the government selecting MRNA as the path forward and without the government provided EUA.

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I listened to Dr Malone yesterday on the Dan Bongino show and I am not pleased with his new narrative he is trying to push. He said he is mainly upset by the fact that Big Pharma ruined MRNA reputation and it will not be used in the near future. He also said he thinks it could be used as a counter measure to the a bio weapon. I will not trust him anymore. These are bio weapon death jabs and Covid was a bio weapon disguised as a virus. We are all victims. Shedding is real.

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"If you received these shots thinking they were vaccines, you were lied to."

I'm no lawyer Tom but isn't that the most basic of definitions for fraud?


Isn't there a clause somewhere that states these companies indemnity is null and void if fraud is present?

These bastards need to swing Tom.

Trials & Executions!

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The criminals may never fully be accountable to we humans BUT they will answer to THE CREATOR. I’d rather be wronged than do the “wronging”. Thank you for your extensive knowledge and efforts to benefit your fellow man.

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I remember one of the truthers out there (could have been Karen Kingston, but it was toward the beginning of the Plandemic so I don't remember) said that Moderna actually stated on their website that mRNA was " a gene therapy", so I went to the website, read it with my own eyes, and yes, that is exactly what they said. A few months down the road, that was scrubbed from the Moderna website. That told me something. That should tell everyone something. I only wish I'd have printed that page. Since then, I've kept a folder of papers that I printed from various sources online, just in case they suddenly disappeared. I suggest that, all who care make a paper folder too, if possible.

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Tom - are you familiar with this effort? https://brunsonbrothers.com/scotus-petition/

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Feb 5·edited Feb 5

Tom, you've probably seen Sasha Latypova's presentation. But I thought it worth posting for your audience.

The last 30 seconds will make your head explode!


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If you haven't seen this documentary, it's time to do so. It's mind-lifting, too (stopworldcontrol.com)

(another substacker, Katerine Watt, suggested ways [enclosed] to legally turn all this around for 'We, the People'!)





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Three points for those who blamed Trump's advisors and say Trump was just following their advice...

1. Dr. Scott Atlas (late 2020)

2. Dr. Paul Alexander (July 2020)

Both were advisors to President Trump. Both warned Trump about Covid measures early on. Both were ignored or overruled.

3. Great Barrington Declaration (Oct 2020): https://gbdeclaration.org/

Trump did many great things during his presidency, and our country would not have been in such a mess had his presidency been allowed a second term.

Unfortunately, Trump is still touting the notion that **his** Operation Warp Speed saved **millions**. Until he owns up to his errors in judgment -- or those of the advisors to whom he listened -- I cannot fully support him. (One reference here: https://afnn.us/2023/01/11/time-for-trump-to-come-clean-on-operation-warp-speed/)

So many more examples, but you get the idea: Trump did not heed good advisors and Trump has not admitted his CovidEra mistakes (or even being misled). I'm sure there's much more to this than I will ever know, but from the outside looking in, I'm more than disappointed in DJT on this topic.

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Feb 4·edited Feb 5

1. They admit these jabs are medicines, not "vaccines" and are therefore legally required to disclose all adverse reactions, interactions, side effects, dangers, etc. (which should be true for "vaccines" as well, imo). They did not disclose, they knowingly promoted them as "vaccines" (that's fraud- they knew they were MEDICINES), thus they are not covered by any blanket immunities (which should also be abolished, btw). Fraud vitiates everything. We need to quit entertaining their evasive NewSpeak narratives.

2. They need to get their own dirt. DNA is a language. It's a code, and no scientist or doctors deny that fact. As such, the code is designed. All codes originate from an [intelligent](correction: didn't mean "divine" here -altho. that's also ultimately true also)] source. Therefore, any and all so-called "gene therapies" are utilizing and exploiting a divine code and copying it to get desired products they profit from at the expense of nature itself. In short, it's a copyright violation.

Patents are only for inventions. Nature itself cannot be patented.

Gene therapies are copyright violations because they exploit a divine code created by another Inventor. They have no idea how dangerous this fire is that they are playing with.

We must be the ones to confront them and call them out as the thieves, fraudsters, cheats, copycats, murderers, and hedonists that they are.

Thanks for reading that lengthy document & finding the smoking gun 157 pages down.

I would like to know if anyone is also parsing all the patents. They also admit their willful & knowing malfeasances in their patent applications. Even to thrombosis & clotting common to LNPs, for example.

Patents can be long (over 300 pages long) as well.

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When are the tribunals going to begin? There are real therapies to help the victims of the shot. Ask Dr Butter and many more doctors.

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