In a world where NO ONE has the right to TOUCH another person's genitals without their consent, it should be obvious that no one has the right to MODIFY another person's genetics without their (informed) consent. The people doing this are cold-blooded monsters who will STOP AT NOTHING. Until we get rid of them, we will be living in mortal danger every minute of every day.

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“Each of these were designed by God and have evolved over the millennia to work as a singular machine.

“Now imagine a watch. ...”

Well explained. To preserve our humanity we must not allow tyranny to pollute our God given and parent created human DNA.

The poison of modRNA, asRNA, and mRNA gene therapy as has been developed and labeled as a bio-weapon must not be allowed to enter our bodies in order to preserve the Human species and God’s Creation a human being (made on God’s image)!

Just as we cherish the miracle of birth, let us protect and cherish the miracle of Life. We must protect against the destruction of our DNA.

Thank you Tom Renz for this excellent article and understandable explanation.

Robert J. Gargasz

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Keep up the great work...

...the concept that they desire to manipulate MY GENES without consent by administering “vaccine” through foods or other transport vehicles is abhorrent and evil

They are already doing it...

...like the conspiracy of Chem Trail Geoengineering or Area 51

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Thank you so much for this in depth explanation Mr. Renz!!! I want to reread it again and again because it is complex, but you have thankfully broken it down where it is comprehensible. It illustrates along with the last 3.6 years how we have got to get people to understand how critical this is to us all. My older friends, some retired or close to retiring want to leave it up to the younger generation to handle or not discuss it at all. I try to explain there isn’t enough time to wait, its already out of control. In fact, I parted ways with this particular social group because they refused to even allow me to discuss this sort of thing with them. Sure didn’t seem like friends to me when they had to dictate what could be discussed about and what could not be discussed!

I really had not read about modRna before and it makes a big difference to the understanding of the entire gene editing and so called covid vaccines. Now, I can discuss this on a deeper level. Too bad others who clearly knew about this hadn’t explained it sooner. Such as a Dr. Robert M...... maybe he really is a deep state fake because it seems this info about modrna is too significant to the overall picture to not include in all discussions. Thank you again and looking forward to more of the same. It screams LIES & FRAUD perpetrated on an unsuspecting world!

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Although I agree with your take that “xxxRNA” gene therapies are an attack on God’s creations, you continue to ignore their even more fundamental flaws -- mRNA technologies of all kinds make foreign, non-self-proteins, which cause the body to attack itself as noted below.

When most of our best lawyers and doctors ignore primary direct evidence like this, and instead focus on secondary, almost circumstantial evidence, it strongly suggests control by tptb. Same is true for other evils being pushed on mankind by tptb, as Oliver Anthony points out in “Rich Men North of Richmond" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqSA-SY5Hro).

It will take massive grassroots public opinion pressure to correct this dead-end situation, which will in-turn require individual citizens to educate themselves about such ongoing atrocities, so that the distractions of secondary evidence can be put on the backburner where they belong, and then spread this knowledge far and wide amongst their friends, their family, members of their church, etc.

Suggest your readers, and you too if you haven’t yet, educate themselves on the primary evidence via the expert explanations that follow in easy-to-understand layperson terms. Will be worth the few 10’s of minutes of their time required.

* 00:45-22:00+ of https://rumble.com/v1p3855-friday-roundtable-worrying-developments-with-michael-palmer-m.d.-sucharit-b.html

* 11:00-16:06+ of https://sp.rmbl.ws/s8/2/o/3/7/w/o37wi.caa.mp4?u=8msc5&b=0

Basically, when a cell is infected by mRNA, it is tricked into making foreign, non-self-proteins, which essentially marks this mRNA-infected cell for violent death by “complement” (killer system #2 in body), if antibodies are present (as they would be after 1st shot). Thus, mRNA causes the body to attack itself, making all things with mRNA unsafe:

* Blood vessels damaged first, causing blood clots and leaks, which then enable damage to surrounding organs

* Above mechanisms explain sudden death and most other mRNA injuries

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The Cap color denotes the differences in “vaccine” ingredients on MULTIPLE dose vials, so what happens after the cap is removed for the 1st injection?

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MARK {16:18} my words Tom. The 'm' messenger in mRNA is messianIC; takeover mode on all tech, especially DNA nanotech. He turns curses into blessings {Gen ch 50}

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This is a good compendium. I have only heard one person say they received informed consent that these were gene "therapy" with self assembling nano tech in the product. Surprisingly, this person, a scientist who worked in the field, still took it.

I don't know anyone who understood this in my local area. I also don't know if people would have still taken it because of the reasons many people took all the covid shots: extraordinary fear, commands by religious and "health" authorities to do it for the community/act of love, and government/employer force. Each of these are horrifying "reasons" that may have overridden the idea of a changed genome and having nano tech devices.

The scientist I mention above in part took it because he wanted to travel overseas. This motive is one I think would not have been as persuasive as it was if people had known the truth. But the terrible fear and altruism which were cleverly manipulated--maybe people would still take it.

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The Epoch Times also had a very interesting two parts medical article on the exact same subject matter.

Thank you for sharing.

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mRNA Vaccine | Rewriting the Genetic Code : Tal Zaks, Chief Medical Officer of ModeRNA


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Head of Pharma at Bayer admits that the mRNA Vaccines are Gene Therapy:


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