As usual, an excellent article Tom. When I was in law school (back in the 70's!) I realized very quickly that the system was corrupt. At that point I decided never to "practice" law. Through the years of attending bar meetings and rubbing shoulders with the other attorneys it became even more obvious to me that there was no "justice" in the system...only making sure you selected the right attorney who was the golf buddy of the Judge hearing your case. Eventually I got out of law completely into a financial career (which by the way turns out is just as corrupt!). I thank God every day that there are people like Tom who are willing to battle the endemic corruption. He is like David fighting Goliath and he is right...UNTIL MANY MORE PEOPLE WAKE UP to what is going on, we aren't going to see the real change we need!

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The next Civil War was fought and lost on January 6th 2021.

The power of the government OVER the people was shown to be almost absolute. They have been able to arrest and detain people without due process and convict without full evidence disclosure.

The message was sent to the entire Nation...we can arrest, detain and convict you at our will and you have no real recourse. The law is what we say it is and we determine that law on an individual basis.

Hunter Biden could kill someone in Time Square and not only would he not be arrested they would blame Trump and half the Country would agree.

Just because you are not in chains doesn't mean you are not a slave.

When the Government mandated the so called vaccine, millions lined up and said...yosir masser gimme dat shot...

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God bless you Tom Renz

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Your articles are so well written, Tom. I support you in prayer and with my subscription. I pray that those with great resources will join you in this spiritual battle. God bless, empower and protect you.

In Jesus Name Amen

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Thank You Tom for your tenacity to continue and your dedication to God! Thank You, seems small but my heart is singing!

God Bless you and yours!!!

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The process is slow, but I see progress as to people waking up. Events like E Palestine are blatant examples of our government's disdain for the common person. The covid vax is becoming a known disaster to more and more people. And AZ is continually chipping away at the voter fraud wall. Our House investigations are digging for the truth. School Boards feeling the heat. Shipping the illegals to Blue state and the crime wave hitting us all. We have been the tip of the spear on so many fronts. WE must persevere and NEVER GIVE UP! Thank you Tom!

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“Our government was built with three separate branches of government so that if one became corrupted the others could step in but we are now at the point that there is corruption in all three and so the protections built to stop corruption now preserve it.”

Tom has hit the nail on the head with this observation.

A President engages the U.S. Navy to commit an intentional act of terrorism in destruction of a gas pipeline utilized by Russia to fuel natural gas to Western Europe. Unprecedented attack upon Russian interests and with devastating results to NATO members. America is portrayed as a terrorist country! Yet, no condemnation from Congress or the judiciary!

The Executive Branch is out of control and criminally corrupt. Biden should be recognized and targeted like Bin Ladin for international terrorism. This is true. He did what he said he was going to do. Why didn’t the Navy and Joint Chiefs call him a terrorist criminal and refuse to obey his unlawful criminal orders? All of these military criminals participated and conspired to commit these terrorist acts. All must be held accountable. They all should be delivered to Russia for trial and punishment.

Worldwide Truth and Lawfare. Accountability for your acts is necessary and essential!

Gargasz, Robert J.

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Everyone must speak up and speak out! We cannot all be in the courtroom, but we can tell others what we know, direct them to good places (like this Substack) to learn more, and bring light to corruption and potential corruption (such as legislative bills under consideration).

The opportunities to help We the People win are countless. We all must pick our battles, then get in there and fight to the best of our abilities. Think of this as a tug of war in which just one more person pulling could decide the outcome.

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Okay, I'm going to whine a bit and maybe rant some too.

"...difficult, dangerous, and expensive...effort, time and resources..." I'm seeing the difficulties, the dangers and the cost and I am making an effort because I have the time. My resources are limited but only insomuch as I think they are. My resources can be more than money and things. I'm not the best talker but I can write, I can think, I can put puzzles pieces together, connect dots and make suppositions and predictions now because of the effort and time I've put into figuring out this chaotic mess that I have seen unfolding for over 40 years now.

What is haunting me, is seeing the sleepers and not being able to understand what keeps them asleep. My sister: "I don't want to talk about politics." My friends and family online post memes that I know have no truth or substance. I wonder why they don't create time to find truth rather than wasting time posting someone else's libellous creation. My once close friends left me because I "obviously look at the global situation subjectively" when it is they who are doing that.

I remember "America, love it or leave it" and I do love what it could be, what it once was. I'm not leaving so I can't let it be flushed down the toilet.

As a kid, I used to hear about the terrible things that people were suffering all over the world and wonder why I was fortunate enough to be living in comparable luxury in the United States. I think that feeling of being given good fortune, and feeling gratitude for it, is what has made me know that I need to do what I'm doing to help my homeland, no matter the personal cost, and there has been personal cost, and I know that everyone here has stories of their own personal cost.

Tom, inspires me. He's a hero. And I thank God that he and others who work with him, are here at this time to inspire people, inform us, and fight for truth. God bless you and your loved ones, Tom. And God bless all who are helping this cause.

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Thank you, Tom, for your efforts to educate everyone. Yes, it will be a long, hard slog, but as you note, some little victories are occurring and piling up. #NoQuarter #resist #DoNotComply

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When I read the subtitle of this post (Why Do We Keep Talking About Waking People Up?), I was reminded of some advice I heard years ago:

The guest was Neil Kramer, and it was during a podcast of Veritas Radio. https://veritasradio.com/

The question was along the lines of, "How do we wake people up?

If I recall correctly, Neil said that it's not our job to wake people up, that everyone wakes up in their own time--even if they don't wake up in this life.

(I think that back then, Neil was open to the possibility of reincarnation.)

And you know what...to some extent, I can accept that.

We're all on an awakening journey.

However, what I (and I imagine a lot of people here) have a very tough time with is that the masses (many of whom choose to just hit the "snooze" button) are putting us at risk.

By their choice to remain wilfully ignorant, ignore the alarms, and choosing to just go back to bed, they're putting themselves (and their children) at risk.

And that's why, for at least a couple of years, I've been trying to wake people up. I (and many people here) have been trying to inform people of what's really going on, because everyone's lives are at risk.

And I'm fairly certain that a Great Awakening is taking place--perhaps not as quickly as we'd like, but it is happening.

As you said, Tom, the legal system is corrupt. While I do think we should try to win on the legal front, I do believe in lawful alternatives to the legal system.

I've heard of Citizen's Grand Jury, and also, I think Christopher James has a good option to consider: https://awarriorcalls.com/

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I get my ballot. I see Several judges running. I wonder if they are activist liberals. No hint in the voter booklet So I look on the web to see how they have ruled. NOTHING. I suspect this lack of transparency is deliberate. Oh and by the way I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Thank You for your efforts to free us from all the DECEPTION. As in Revelation 18:23.

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Thank you Tom. The hearing in Arizona yesterday was a moral booster. We will continue waking people up and will prevail. God bless you and God bless America

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Great article Mr Renz. I wish we, the awaken Patriots, could do more to help legally. I can donate money, but it's the time and dedication from you and your staff, that are priceless. We have never been in a more dangerous situation, economically, financially, socially, medically, educationally and most importantly spiritually, than what we are fighting at this moment. Please lean on your supporters and especially the great awakened Patriots in Ohio, who have been there from the beginning of this biblical battle with you. Personally, whatever I can do or help with, I am all in.

Thank you Mr Renz and God Bless and Protect You!!

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Might we integrate more of this thought leadership into your movement to galvanize the public?


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