The attack upon the American People should never again be accepted!

The people that perpetrated this assault upon our Freedoms and Liberty must be condemned and punished!


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DARPA awarded Moderna to infect insects w mRNA. This takes their Nazi experiment schemes to another level. The implications are frightening. How is it legal to place mRNA in our environment and food with consent? How do we fight this. Should we not have a Class Action lawsuit by those of us who filed religious exemptions to vax against being tricked and without consent having this put in our bodies?

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" that the jabs actually make you MORE likely to get COVID,"

I beg to differ. The jabs force the host to make the protein that causes the illness called "COVID-19".

Of course your "more likely to get COVID-19", they give it to people in the needle!

Don't believe me... Ask Mike Yeadon, he'll tell you I'm right. I had a personal conversation with him in which I possited that very hypothesis and he whole heartedly agreed...

The igG4 receptor becomes tolerant of the toxic spike protein allowing it to overwhelm the immune system creating illness. This happens at varying intervals based on when people took the shot, where the needle landed, individual physiology, batch consistency... All play a role in creating the illusion that people are "catching" something when in fact they produce the illness themselves.

If it weren't so deadly it would have been the perfect platform to replace the annual flu shot. Which is what I think these bastards were really trying to do... That's my benign somewhat innocent explanation of what they did.

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You are in a legal fight and also spiritual. May God guide you in the battle against these Demon possessed, evil creatures!

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Kudos, Tom. Keep up the good work and demand accountability. People need to research what ingredients are in vaccines. Say NO if said vaccines are compromised with poisons. We the People will not tolerate attacks on our freedoms. This is the battle between GOOD and EVIL.

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Looking forward to reading about your 'work-around' of the dastardly exemption given to pharmaceutical companies!

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This is such a VICTORY! Praise the Lord!

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" Strong enough, in fact, that the government “coincidently” removed the vaccine mandates from our plaintiffs after the case was filed rendering the case moot rather than losing in court. " ...........Sounds EXACTLY how our courts reacted to plaintiffs in regards to the "Travel Ban" in Canada and many other cases, pending or completed. Their favourite word, "MOOT." What B.S. this is and they can re ignite them any time. Same play-book.. Good article, thank-you Thomas. Regards RM Ross

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If they were willing to kill you, when found out, they will stop at nothing to continue in that attempt. The law to them means nothing as they are the law. Look at the difference between the treatment that Trump has received vs Biden. If justice was truly blind the entire Biden family would be in jail. If you believe that true justice will be had at the end of the day you are pissing in the wind and think it's raining...

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cc: Tom

Dear Robert and Jill,

Think of this whole thing as a castle with many doors. The doors are all each entryways to parts of the system; medical; tech; legislative; etc.

The doors are a vulnerability. The people and the contents of the castle are extremely vulnerable - that's why the castle is locked and fortified.

All you need is one crowbar (leverage) to pry open a crack in one of the doors and the pressure applied by others who are with you will bust it open.

Your knowledge of the medical corruption behind one of the doors is the prybar - and you have leverage.

Just crack open that ONE DOOR where the light from outside is shining in. Everyone will follow that.

You have no leverage at the "free speech" door. You will just be banging your head against it.

Once you, and others crack open - just that one door - your door - you can open all of the others - from inside the castle halls.

It's that simple.

Pry open the door with the leverage you have:

Your knowledge of how and what they are doing is false/unscientific and your powerful ability (leverage) to demonstrate what they "know" but are not telling the public.


Then you're in.

And it's what you make of it.

They'll kill you if you stay outside.

Don't parade around the castle.

Pry open the door.


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DEAR THOMAS RENZ. PLEASE SHARE THIS. FROM A YEAR AGO -AMERICAN BUSINESS WOMAN -Investment Banker -Gov'mt Regulator. with Constitutional Lawyer Canadian -Rocco Galati on Vaccine Choice Canada....Listen to what she says about The Bank of International Settlements. LONG but well worth it .God Bless you all. Regards Rolonne Marie Ross

Catherine Austen Fittshttps://rumble.com/vn2xwv-catherine-austin-fitts-and-rocco-galati-have-urgent-warnings-regarding-mr.-.html

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