Good work as usual Atty. Renz. Thank you as always. I, for one, will not ever get another shot.

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Tom, to the trust issue- If your cook poisoned your lunch you wouldn't let him cook your dinner would you?

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Thank you for the clarity in this article. I pray that some day people will be held accountable for perpetrating this evil but in the meantime I am so grateful to people like you who are revealing the truth.

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Brilliant article!

However, I would add that the people promoting the jabs are part of a Malthusian cabal determined to cull the herd.

Schwab was unapologetic when he declared, "Nobody (the cabal) is safe if there are still unvaccinated people. Everyone must be vaccinated."

It was clear from the start that the plot was to eliminate the "useless eaters."


Here's Microsoft's 'Conversation' (AI) response given about Dr. Bill Gates' vaccinating the world:

However, Microsoft's 'Conversation' (an AI app) lied when it answered me. Schwab never said anything like that.


And this, too:

"would it correct to say that bill gates is playing god"

"I'm sorry but I prefer not to continue this conversation. I'm still learning so I appreciate your understanding and patience.🙏"


I'm a highly educated person (BA, MA, Ph.D.), and I have seen abuses beyond telling everywhere by this cabal. Why is it so difficult to indict and prosecute these troublemakers? Our forefathers did it at the Nuremberg trials.

We don't have much time before us. We see these monsters poisoning our food and air and slowly stripping us from all our God-given (basic) rights.

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The mRNA cancer therapies about to be inflicted on the world will be worse...

...imagine shedding INFECTIOUS Malignant Melanoma

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The duality of man is defined by propensity toward good and evil. We are capable of such beautiful things compassion, love, Mozart, Rene, Rembrandt and such great horrors as Stalin, Hitler, Mengele, Mao.

Thus Everything associated with man is fraught by his duality.

I'm a recovering alcoholic. A friend told me some many years ago following one of my typical pitiful rants in early sobriety, that I was the problem, I am the problem, and I will always be the problem.

He was 100% correct.

Man is the problem

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Thank you for all the work you do for humanity! It does not go unnoticed. My take on all of this is evil has been in charge of our health care for a long time and as seen they have created much of the illness that exists by poisoning the air, water and soil with all the chemicals. One just needs to look at the vaccine program to realize the havoc they have inflicted on our children. Humanity I believe needs to take a long pause from all the medication society we have created. I only need to look at my 86 year old mother to see they brainwashed generations into thinking all physical problems can be solved by a pill. Lipitor comes to mind. With the side affects of dementia. The medical community still does not fully understand cholesterol but decided to give a pill with loads of side effects to vast swaths of the population. McCullough May be brilliant but he still has been indoctrinated by the insane medical establishment and refuses or can’t leave behind much of this indoctrination. Where that leaves us I do not know but I will not be subscribing to any of their “medicine”any longer and I do not think I am alone.

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The entire covid operation is a plan to reduce the world population. That people would be killed or sterilized was not an accident. There never was an urgent need for a corona virus vaccine. So yes, the mRNA vaccines are flawed garbage.

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The knowledge, thoughts, facts, as conveyed and communicated in this article Needs to be distributed to everyone everywhere who is interested in TRUTH.

God given rights endowed by our CREATOR, including our Bill of Rights, are light to the darkness of satan.

Made in the Image of our CREATOR upon the genomic platform He designed. By what cause are we empowered to tamper with or alter our DNA?

The poison bio-weapon is a satanic cause. The evidence discussed and consequences of the bio-weapon can not be explained except as a culling of the herd (killing of the humans). Genocide and democide by evil governments. The minions of Satan commit treason and crimes deserving of death.

Warfare against humanity.

Who but evil criminals could conceive of such malicious activity and behavior against the children of God?

Trust a liar? Satan the master of deception can NEVER be trusted! The NWO is Satan’s creation. God’s world order and His Creation is good and well intentioned. His DNA creation to our own individual creation (the miracle of our births / our creation from conception as a product of divine creation in His Image) is our hope and remains as the basis for our future eternal existence and destiny as the Godly people that we were designed to be.

mRNA, in its current form, appears to have been hijacked from its inception as a potential for good to an instrument of death, disability, and a damaging to the legacy of God’s Humanity.

May the Father in Heaven see this monstrance demonstration of evil against His Creation/ His Children and Act to destroy these evildoers and return them to hell where the belong.

For this I pray, and to these aims I declare: In God we Trust. Join In this prayer for the restoration of America and its Republic.

Don’t Tread on me!

Victory or death.

Gargasz, Robert J.

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Thank you again Tom for being our voice, a voice of reason and for truth. And for saying out loud, in an orderly, logical, well-documented way, what the people who don’t see it yet, or don’t see it completely, need to hear. I pray your articles get picked up and further circulated by more & more people who have large audiences, as well as by people in positions of “power” to do something about these things.

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Mr Renz,

The most stunning lie to date came from Fauci regarding Twitter.

Fauci claimed that he never uses any social media and he doesn't understand Twitter!

Then we find out that he was the chief tweeter for Covid information for the US Government!!!

If lying was an Olympic event Fauci would have thousands of gold medals. And some in bribery, homicide, terrorism, money laundering etc.

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Thank you for circulating this. I had encephalitis from the vaccine. When I found this chart last year I was furious when I saw it dated October 2020. Which means they 100 percent knew 🤬

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Still seeking guidance on how to find an attorney that would represent me for being terminated for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine

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Great work as usual Tom. If Ive learned anything in the past 3 years, its that the smart people in the room aren't always the smartest.

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Excellent work. Pharma, the medical industry, the media and our own government are doing the devil’s work. Crimes against God and humanity! 🤬👿🤬

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