I’m not bringing my family to a traditional Christmas production at our local center for the arts due to the policy stating that “masks are required in the theater”. They are losing my financial support because of their policy.

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Unfortunately, I don’t think the truth about masks or so many other things has reached most people! They see doctors, hospitals, & government establishments promoting them and they have absolutely no idea how corrupt our institutions have become that they would promote lies! A lot of this kind of denial I believe stems from the fact that most of these people (at least in the younger age group) don’t believe in Our Creator God the Father & Jesus Christ or in Satan. When you don’t believe in Satan and his evil influence on the world, you tend to believe that humans are mostly inherently good and therefore this mass scale evil deception wouldn’t be possible. The older generation that are duped, have been trained to be good citizens, trust their government, doctors, drugs, and they remember the news anchors of the good ole days & believe they are being fed the truth.

As frustrating as it is, we must not lose our humanity and give up on those who are still under the sway of Satan’s deception, especially since we are all continually still falling prey to it ourselves! Love your neighbor as yourself, repent, and trust that our Heavenly Father knows all that is going on here on earth “ And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

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You took the words right out of my mouth!!!!

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1. I just subbed you and minutes later got a strange automated call from 888-289-8416, "about

"Hello. ...... This is a confirmation call for the order placed under your name. So to find out more information, press 1, or you can give us a call back." Pressed 1. Said I will be transferred to the next available agent. Put me on hold, then hung up on me! What's that about? You're the first Substack I've subbed to. Is that standard for Substack to call new subscribers back "to confirm your order?" Never heard of that.

2. Thanks for this, and it's great! Totally resonates! But as you know, you're preaching to the choir. Imagine this scenario:

Just move into a new neighborhood in a very blue, compliant city right when this insanity hits us;

your very sweet but misguided Catholic grandmother neighbor brings up the masks & knows your position, but resolutely states her views. She admits the masks don't work, but simultaneously hold out that they stopped the flu! So she is pro mask.

You're stunned & speechless to hear this new narrative and politely "agree to disagree."

Litigating your facts before a neighbor who has a "belief" is never effective.

But it doesn't sit well to leave her with that.

I need an argumnt tailored for these masses. Because it's cognitive dissonance.

3. And the courts have it, too!

The Federal U.S. Distict Court Western Division here in Kentucky is enforcing masks again. And Judge Stinson admits it's based on NOTHING. This is insanity. I cancelled going to a trial when I saw the posted Notice. What will happen to me if I attempt to enter without a mask, as is my right to breathe the free air?

The online Notice does not say what will happen to me or how they will enforce his Administrative Order. How will they enforce it? Arrest me? Throw me in jail? Like the NC judge did to Greg Hahn in North Carolina recently?

The Eastern District Court has no such similar order in place as the Western, which amounts to arbitrary and capricious.

My right to attend public hearings is being 100% infringed by these woke judges. So who can check judges' insanity and abuse of authority and process?

I thought that was why we had 3 branches of government? But the other 2 branches cry: "Separation of Powers!"

Apparently "Discretion" provides for one single individual having more power than the Constitution, statutes, and well-established Civil Rights? How can it be? I thought we were guarantd protection against dictatorial power vested in a single individual? The Kentucky Constitution Bill of Rights has it. Section 2: "Absolute and arbitrary power denied. Absolute and arbitrary power over the lives, liberty and property of freemen exists nowhere in a republic, not even in the largest majority."

Maybe is the problem that we are not "freemen?" Or is Kentucky not actually a "republic?" Is a "commonwealth" NOT a republic? Are we being duped?

The travesty of these mandate enforcing judges is it's a clear conflict of interest with anyone (such as myself and Thomas Massey, AND thousands of others, eg.) who has a civil claim regarding the pandemic overreaches of power.

How can they (judges) fairly adjudicate such cases when they are themselves guilty of enforcing these ridiculous orders as if they have limitless power and authority over everyone and anyone who enters the courthouse?

They do not.

Also see the KY Const Bill of Rights: Section 14. Right of judicial remedy for injury - Speedy trial. All courts shall be open, and every person for an injury done him in his lands, goods, person or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice administered without sale, denial or delay."

Notice it says: "All courts SHALL be open."

Administrative Orders are Executive orders and are only applicable to the administration department of the court as far as I can see. Am I wrong?

I don't know if I should even bother asking a bar licensed atty since he is beholden to the court's "discretion" himself, and it's bad form to challenge your own bosses, right?

But the general public is NOT beholden to those judges' Administrative Orders. The judges are NOT my boss. Please prove me wrong. I went to their cited "authorities." The judges' implementation of Administrative Orders based on a sketchy Constitutional section and their own Administrative Rules suffers from myriad deficiences, as the AGs put it in their amicus brief (cited below).

Judges dictating health orders over ME amounts to an ultra vires power grab - they have no authority beyond the scope of their administrative executive bounds of power. It's an unlawful act. They confuse executive authority with "judicial discretion."

See USCA Case 21-4269 (2/15/2022), Amicus brief filed in the State of Florida by AGs on behalf of Federal Contracors over Biden's vaccine mandate.

It must stop. The People have a guaranteed right to access the courts, do they not?

How do I challenge these unlawful orders? They have harmed me. Is it by a Petition of Writ Cert? Permnent Injunction? Directed to whom? What Court? Or is the to the Atty General? A Constitutional challenge? Or to the General Assembly for review? Or U.S. Legislature? Or all? And how to address the fact that even the SCOTUS is guilty? All courts are or have been.

There needs to be an appeal made for the Judicial branches to turn the mirror on themselves, right? And it would help if it were not one lone voice crying out in the wilderness.

The tide is turning. I think the time to strike is very ripe.

God bless and thanks for reading all the way to the end.

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Hope you don’t mind me sharing this, but I feel it’s important in this fight:


Come and be in the gallery NOVEMBER 18, 2022 at 8:30 AM in Denver CO US Court of Appeals Tenth Circuit, Courtroom 2, or participate in the live stream broadcast. This is a momentous day with the oral arguments in the lawsuit against the Department of Defense on the unlawful mandates for experimental EUA products in the military that have so weakened our military readiness and damaged our national security. Todd Callender, a member of the Truth for Health Foundation Legal Advisory Council, major legal resource helping in our mission to rescue hospital patients trapped in the COVID death protocols, and frequent speaker on our programs, will be arguing this case on critical issues that affect all of us. Todd and his legal team ask for two things:

1 your prayer support for the Judges to have open minds and rule fairly on the legal issues, and for the safety of those arguing against the powers that have forced these mandates on the military and civilians.

2 He is also asking those who live close enough to come to the court and sit in the gallery to show there is public support on this case and that We The People are present in our court to seek redress for unlawful actions by the Department of Defense. The address is Byron White United States Courthouse, 1823 Stout Street, Denver, CO 80257. Phone 303-844-3157.

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I refused to wear a mask or shut myself up in my home from the beginning of this scam. I was thrown out of stores, threatened with police being called, even refused entry to a farmers market! Unceremoniously removed from a Tampa casino in the spring of 2021! I am on oxygen 24/7 from a rare lung disease and cannot breathe already so why would I make it worse with a useless face mask? People collectively lost their minds and now they expect us to forgive and forget - until the next panic. I haven’t gotten those useless shots either, not one.

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Nov 20, 2022·edited Nov 20, 2022

I agree. I am so over the mask charade and refuse to participate anymore.

I took my cat to the eye specialist vet last week. Their website said they required masks but I was hoping it was old information. When I got there, some of the staff had masks and some didn't. I did not wear one while in the lobby. However when I got to the room, the assistant asked me if I had a mask. I said no, I don't carry those things with me. She asked if she could get one for me. I said No, I don't wear them. She said the vet was going to want me to wear one. I said Why, they do not prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. The virus can pass right through cloth. Even Fauci has admitted this. She kept saying the vet wanted me to wear one. I said Then I'll go somewhere else. And I left.

Of all the people that should know that viruses are small enough to pass thru those rags, it should be medically trained personnel. Surely a vet would know this. I'm thinking they must still be getting extra funds to continue the charade.

As long as a business perpetuates this lie, I will not give them my money. Im sure i am going to have to change some of my doctors as some are still clinging to the lie. But hitting them in the wallet seems to be the only way to stop the lunacy. Common sense isn't working.

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I've a question: This past week I filed a complaint against the hospital, drs and nurses responsible for ending my husband's life Jan. 2022! These so called fake health workers, used Remdesivir to do so! This complaint was encouraged by "Truth For Health." The form is standard with Joint Commission.com and online. Will my complaint make any sort of a difference toward the justice my husband deserves? Of 1.1 million similar deaths so far only 1200 complaints have been filed!

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I'm done too. I rant too. Not that the rant helps anyone else, but it keeps me from taking a long walk off a short pier in Lake Superior when the temperature outside is negative freezing

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Complete agreement on masks. Masks reflect ignorance, fear, and ill health (mask-wearing folks literally look terrible).

I've been keeping a list of Covid Essential Links for a couple of years now. I've included some of yours in my updated list. Here's my section on Mask Myths in case others find it useful:

Mask Myths:

• America’s Frontline Doctors Mask Myths Video - https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/2/videos/mask-myths/

• Author John Droz (Physicist) - https://c19science.info/COVID-19_Masks.pdf

• Author Paul Elias Alexander - https://brownstone.org/articles/more-than-150-comparative-studies-and-articles-on-mask-ineffectiveness-and-harms/

• Brownstone Institute Search - https://brownstone.org/?s=Mask

• Author Robert Malone - https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/systemic-harms-to-our-children

• Author Steve Kirsch - https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/do-masks-work and https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/masks-dont-work

• Author Tom Renz - https://tomrenz.substack.com/p/i-know-i-should-be-better-than-this

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I serve the one TRUE GOD, Jehovah (YHWH) and I pray that this and other truths regarding this issue get brought to light in the worldwide organization.

Thank you Tom for having the courage to expose these FACTS. If possible, please contact me regarding measures that I'm considering taking to get the attention of the leadership in this organization, since so far, it seems that nothing has changed even though many FACTS have been brought to light since the early days of this "pandemic".

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This is a link to www.The HealthyAmerican.org and their U.S. Civil Rights Protection Document and it explains our legal rights. Hoping that Tom will let us know his legal opinion. (Thank you for all that you do Tom!)

We have used it and found success:


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Yesterday, I visited briefly a massage school! The gentleman owner was speaking on the phone at his desk at the time 'wearing no mask!" In a minute or two he hung up and we spoke through a plastic shield separating us! He fumbled with the ear loops of his mask attempting to put it in its usual place - over 75% of his face. We stood about 3 feet apart! He asked me to put a mask on as the sign on the entrance door requested. I thought "how insane, and ignored his request!" He didn't seem to mind. What is it about his telephone conversation that kept him safe from a virus that does not exist, but talking to me required a mask? BTW, 6 feet is also the depth of a grave! Hmmm.....Is there a co-relation?

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The N95 mask comes closest to providing any protection at all from airborne transmission. Military MOPP Level IV, designed to keep radioactive fallout on a soldier's battle dress uniform and skin, rather than trapped inside the lungs, also has significant value against virus-sized biological agents. During the buildup to the 1991 Gulf War there was significant concern about biological agent passthrough, with a general consensus that reducing viral load was better than allowing anything the enemy threw at us, free access to our vital organs. Because of passthrough concerns, the US avoided accusing the Baath Party of biological attack. Some civilian experts focused narrowly on Rickettsiae, a class of tiny bacteria that approach viruses in size and are difficult to filter. It appears enemy tactics were to bury rickettsiae in soil with small improvised explosive devices that had been dipped in nitrogen mustard blister agents. The explosions would contaminate the air with enough of the blister agenf to set off alarms warning of gas attack and our troops would mask up and begin perspiring heavily. When the fumes dissipated, the alarms would stop, troops would take off their protective gear, and sweat on their skin would wet the Rickettsia powder, causing the dormant pathogens to become active.

The US went to much effort concealing what had happened, doing a grave disservice to wounded veterans and reducing preparedness for future attacks. All in all a shameful and cowardly policy that has made it more difficult for us to defend ourselves from biological attack and from accidental release of biological weapons.

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Fee the same and can only hake my head in wonderment and realize they just do not see!

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