Thank you, sir! I value you and your posts. So, I would very much know how can "we the people" sue our "elected representatives" for failure to uphold their oaths of office, and how can we push forward to assert our rights given the current corruption in the courts and the government?

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Dear Thomas Renz

We have a wonderful woman here, named Tanya Gaw with "Action 4 Canada", and have Chapters across Canada. We have alternative or parallel institutions starting up (Schools/med inst etc) Better yet she has a section to down-load NOL (Notice of Liability) papers to HIT politicians locally. I'm guessing that YOU have the same in the USA. If not ,this is a perfect protection for citizens to HIT the mayors, principals of school to sue these people personally. I wish you all well in this fight for Freedom for "We the People" You are our Hero , here too and we thank you for all this information. It does assist in our fight against this tyrannical monster . It IS UP TO US!!! It always has been. God Bless you and yours and may he keep you well and strong. xo Rolonne Marie Ross and Family

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Awesome constitutional lesson, Tom Renz. We must strip back big government and its corruption. Every citizen must read and make an attempt to understand the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. These documents fit in one's pocket or purse and should be referenced often -- especially by judges, attorneys, law enforcement, and other government officials.

One thing I like about our little town is that City Hall exhibits framed replicas of each page of the U.S. Constitution along one wall, where people can read and appreciate this amazing document. And they do!

No kid should be allowed to graduate grammar, middle, high school, or college without understanding the Declaration of Independence and Constitution and without at least an open-book test on them. Likewise, every person who holds elected office, works for the government, or swears an oath to uphold the Constitution must take a CLOSED BOOK test on each document and score at least 90%. Only by understanding these founding documents can one be expected to appreciate and uphold them.


* https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CDOC-112hdoc129/pdf/CDOC-112hdoc129.pdf

* https://lp.hillsdale.edu/free-pocket-constitution/

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Isn't one big problem with law the fact that our system at this time is under Maritime Law which supposedly has roots in commerce and ties to England? Aren't we supposed to be using Common Law, which protects the man or woman and their rights, but since the USA has become a corporation, Maritime Law is used and we are seen as property. So the rights we are supposed to have by virtue of being given them at birth; freedom of movement, being one, bodily autonomy, rights which should allow we who pay for our public buildings, access to them rather than being threatened with trespass if we don't wear a mask or haven't taken the shot. Don't our birth certificates show us as being property of the corporation and not a sovereign woman or man? We must have a licence to drive, a registration for our vehhicle, go through lawyers and have permits for things like adding on to our house or putting a dock into the lake. Our current laws allow the government to collect taxes each time a car or a house or a boat is sold to another. Wasn't this kind of thing never meant to happen under Common Law which is the law of the Land, and not the laws of the sea which involve commerce?

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Your comments regarding election fraud confirm my layman's suspicions. But I would go a step further.

Judges are saying, in effect, that there is no remedy for a fraudulent election. Put another way, they are saying that an honest election and a fraudulent election are both "done deals" and, as such, are de facto equals in the eyes of the law.

The problem that these judges (the honest ones) seem not consider is that election fraud is, above all else, self-perpetuating. Fraudulently-elected lawmakers hire fraudulent law enforcement, fraudulent judges, and most especially fraudulent election officials. Each of these frauds hires their own frauds. And so it goes until fraud becomes the law.

The evidence of self-perpetuating fraud is nowhere so plain as in our Department of Justice. Our fraudulent president appointed his fraudulent friends, and they their own fraudulent friends, until the completely-fraudulent DOJ now targets, not fraud-ridden scumbags like Hunter, but peaceful anti-abortion protesters, church-going Catholics, parents who think they have the right to attend school board meetings, etc.

To wit, fraud is now the law. And the law is now a fraud. To quake in fear of such law may be prudent or cowardly or both. But to abide by such law in the pretense of being a good citizen is to become frauds ourselves.

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'The Constitution ain't what it used to be!"

The Founding Fathers knew that one day we would find ourselves, like many past civilizations, a nation run by corrupt politicians for the benefit of corrupt individuals and organizations.

The Amendment that a corrupt politicians and government fear the most is the Second Amendment. From almost the beginning corrupt politicians and institutions have tried to either eliminate the Second Amendment or to tell us something it is not.

We now find ourselves where, no matter how we hope otherwise, the only avenue for us to survive as free people is to fight.

While some people are waking up to the fact that they are mear slaves, most will be content living under the boot of a corrupt government.

This is how all past great civilizations have ended and it looks like our expiration date is upon us.

There are no plans, there are no leaders or leadership just hollow words filled with empty promises.

Hope is not a plan...

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Without question, this is one of the finest little essays I have ever read. I am surprised that is is written by a lawyer in our present society. I cannot think of any way in which readers who are not lawyers stand a chance of effecting reform. Apparently, it is unrealistic to expect the profession to redeem itself. Logically, there seems only two alternatives: either mass regicide using the 2nd Amendment or mass protests culminating in something akin to what I wrote at bigeye.org/internet.htm

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Very well done Mr. Renz. Our current legal and political systems try hard to ignore the very important 9th and 10th amendments because the elites wants to reduce our freedoms and increase control over us, We The People.

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Good work. Thanks Tom. A good first step would be to remove corrupt judges. I realize that this could be a slippery slope but there are plenty of obvious examples of tyranny from the bench.

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Thank you for all this knowledge you are sharing ... I love common sense! It should be more common than it is! Please keep up all the hard work you are doing to help save America and all the legal citizens of the USA!! Our government and legal system is so corrupt!God bless you for standing up against the evil peeps! We are so thankful to have you on our side.! You are doing Gods work... you are a son of a King! We love you for speaking the truth to us! You are a God sent ! Thank you for helping President Trump save America and to make America great again!

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The King wears no clothes. His naked aggression in Ohio was shown in declaring the Dance Studios owners and their contracts with patrons and customers as non-essential; the King in Pennsylvania, the King in Michigan, the King in Kentucky, all these Kings were awarded powers not provided by the Constitution.

These Kings destroyed lives and unconstitutionally toileted the rights of the sovereign citizens living within the confines of their homelands!

Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. How this has been demonstrated over the last three years!

Never Again can we as Citizens trust the Courts, Churches, Doctors or Hospitals who all sold out Citizens and People for evil!

Few Judges upheld Constitutional precepts!

Most demonstrated an incompetence that can only be understood by compromise and corruption.

Tom is too delicate in his use of words. Corruption of and by the Kings and those who profit from the Kings.

A lesson to be taken is that you cannot trust the law to protect you. It can but it didn’t happen and it may properly be said that it damaged and harmed people everywhere poisoned by mRNA gene therapy shots prove this.

Everyone knows a a human brother or sister who had been jabbed and is now dead, dying or severely injured.

The Second Amendment is all you have left to defend yourself and your Families and loved ones. Armed you get respect as the King knows that if he .... with you you could articulate regime change like our Founding Fathers envisioned.

Insurrection? J6 was a love fest. As the Kings are revealed for their corruption, each king hopefully shall suffer the fate of Mussolini and be publicly hung like Judas Iscariot (traitor scum who betrayed Jesus Christ).

Law is a club and it needs to be beaten upon Kings and rulers who order lockdowns, close peoples businesses, declare themselves overlords and determiners of Fact, Truth, and Wisdom.

No Police power exists to take my land, property, time, talents, contracts, business, health, freedom, and liberty without compensation and due process of law.

We The People will not again think Courts are protecting us, as it has been demonstrated that they did not and do not protect us!

The Kings must be excised and prosecuted and punished for they knew damn well what they were doing and enjoyed their power trip and spell of unrestricted power by incompetent jurists and corrupt judges, politicians, and gutless leftist prosecutors!

The Tree of Liberty, from time to time, must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots. The Kings blood, and that of their Rino establishment NWO neocons, and hoards of democrats willing to accept the murder of the unborn must be shed in an offering of repentance to restore and nourish the Tree of Liberty.

A corrupted FBI, NSA, CIA, Navy, Army, Air Force, CDC, HHS, IRS, Treasury, State Department, and Judiciary has left America teetering on the brink of disaster.

We will soon reap the rewards of the insanity of the installed president and government that no longer can read the Bill of Rights and especially the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 14th Amendments.

God help us and have Mercy only to those that repent and pray for forgiveness. Let the Kings and their henchmen die! They deserve the hell they harvest!

Gargasz, Robert J.

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Great post, very clearly written and much appreciated!

Expect it will take bills like Draft HB0726 in Tennessee and massive public opinion pressure to make our public officials act in accordance with their oaths.

The surety bond approach, noted by Brewer below, seems like a very good one that could be applied on a massive scale -- independently, by small groups of citizens -- if the bondholder name of each public official was made readily available to the public. So, it sure seems like it would be very productive for law firms, with serious clout, to force such info into a publicly available database via FOIA requests. So, why isn't this already being done widely across US?

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What we face is not an intellectual problem, the solution for which is people having a debate and thereby resolving the issues. The problem is a brute force problem, the solution for which is to remove wicked people from positions of power. This can be done legally and peacefully through a process of nullification and interposition of lesser magistrates, starting at the local level. Your local elected county sheriff has within his own jurisdiction the ability to stop unconstitutional abuses by local, state and federal authorities. He also has the power to deputize citizens and thereby increase his forces. The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) is a group of sheriffs around the nation who have committed themselves to upholding the Constitution within their own jurisdictions. States also have the ability to nullify federal laws and actions that they deem to be unconstitutional. While the power to nullify might not be unlimited, it can certainly be used to a much greater extent than it has in the past.

Nullification and interposition may be the only peaceful solution to our current dilemma. In effect, the U.S. would break up into two separate "nations", one that is tyrannical and one that is free. Those who wanted freedom could simply move to a free county or state. The other solution, much more costly and much less likely to occur thanks to the apathy of so many people in the United States, would be a civil war or a revolution. Although it might seem that the federal government has the power to put down any rebellion, the rebel forces (located mostly in the countryside) would have the advantage of controlling the production and delivery of food, water and energy to the cities, which they could use as leverage against the federal government and the governments of blue states. Imagine the federal government having to deal with chaos in the cities if the nation's truckers simply went on strike for a month. In addition, the people on the rebel side would be much more likely than those on the other side to have weapons and the ability to use them and live under straitened circumstances. The federal government failed miserably to defeat simple farmers and herdsmen in Vietnam, Afghanistan and other countries. How could it hope to succeed against armed Americans?

There is also the possibility of assistance to the rebels by foreign states. Like Rome before it, the U.S. has overextended itself and besmirched its own character by becoming an empire. As such, it is rightfully hated by many around the world.

America is finished. There is no point in trying to revive the corpse. Both political parties are implicated, and we can gain nothing from protests, demonstrations or lawsuits.

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Outstanding, Mr. Renz.

Your recent newsletter is the most informative correspondence in recent memory.

Thank you.

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Isaiah 59:12-14 (NIV)

“Our offenses are many in your sight, and our sins testify against us . . . turning our backs on our God . . . uttering lies our hearts have conceived;


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As a conservative, I've long been annoyed by anti-RoeVWade people complaining about a "right to privacy" invented by the Court. That is precisely the sort of right that the forever-ignored 9th Amendment should protect! At this moment in time, a "right to services" should similarly be protected against banksters who seek to de-bank conservatives!

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