i must agree with you 100%!~ as people use those phrases to grant permission to be either apathetic or just lazy, waiting for someone else to do the work required.~ we have been endowed with the physical and mental capabilities to create change, and that requires getting involved,, not sitting back observing and waiting. i am often reminded of that story of the drowning man on the rooftop! thank you for sharing your thoughts and for continuing to do what you can do to win this battle between good and evil~

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This is beautifully expressed and I couldn’t agree more. Just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you for this and for all that you do, Tom!!

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I am behind you 100%, thanks for all you do

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Right on target

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Dear Thomas, I whole-heartedly agree, God helps those who help themselves and to help others. I believe I have a purpose here and when I am gone ,I hope and pray that it leaves a mark that helps pave the way to peace, freedom and prosperity for my children and theirs. As Martin Luther once wrote in the 1500's, "If the World goes to pieces ,I will still plant my apple tree." God Bless you and yours. Regards Rolonne Marie Ross

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There is clearly no Plan. It's now thought that at some point the Q writings, which had seemed so sincere and reassuring, were just a psy op, or at some point became a psy op. Many had hoped there was a Plan, but it became apparent about 15 months ago, to all but a few of the Q holdouts, that there was no Plan. No one's riding in to save us. Trump is not playing 4D chess. It didn't have to be the military. We don't need to watch the water. Hillary has not been secretly arrested and taken to Gitmo. I'm guessing that Dave, Juan Savin, and a few others, are enjoying the attention. Or maybe they don't realize some people are taking them extremely seriously. I'm surprised you're running into that many people who still think there's a Plan. A few people still hope, I guess.

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Absolutely, Tom!!! 💯 “Trust the Plan” is the same as saying,” sit back and don’t do anything” which to me smells a lot like a psy-op. What better way for the enemy to prosper than for us to sit on our rear ends and do NOTHING for 4 years +? GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES!

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Keep speaking up and out Tom. The experience you bring to others, beit physically or spiritually, is just as important as President Trump and the military, in this "plan". Trust the plan to me is trusting Gods plan for my part in this biblical battle. Trusting the plan to me is trusting God, creator of the plan, and accepting Gods will to be a part of His plan. We all have a part to play in "trusting the plan", but if you don't have the relationship with God needed for the plan, then it's just another plan.


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God Wins - or - God Has Already Won?

The evil globalist actors have been engaged since before my birth in the destruction of God’s creation on earth.

Who will be the Remnant of Christian Nationalists who obedient to Jesus Christ will survive the coming prosecutions of Christianity and Christians?

God’s Plan is all that matters.

Sell your cloak and buy a sword as a battle is coming and will endure stressing the humanity of the world.

Jaded by my life’s struggles, I no longer believe in secular morality or governance, if I ever did consider such.

All men are created equal by GOD. Without God’s Word, being obeyed, nothing can prosper or protect humanity.

Evil has presently peculated to the level of saturation such that it is noticeable in almost every institution of America and the world.

The institutions of Church, Military, government, FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA, Justice Department, Family, Marriage, Education, including higher education, law, news media, and banking and financial institutions have all been perverted to satanic influences and preference.

The law and its institutional provisions have been rendered ineffective for protection of American Constitutional Rights and Freedoms that are undermined from communism and satanic practices and influences.

Much of the deception practiced against “We The People / the Population of the American Citizens” has been treasonous and criminal actors. The Johnson, Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Biden Families are all going to be shown a part of the uni-party destroying America. The Lord God will demonstrate the treason practiced against the Nation.

From the killings of the Kennedys, MLK, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma bombing of the Merrill federal building, 9-11-2001 (inside job), false allegations of “weapons of mass destruction”, election fraud and interference, cheating and lying becoming commonplace everywhere, the sabotage of our country’s infrastructure, the poisoning of our environment (example East Palestine, OH) and contamination of our food and medicine, unleashing of bio-weapons, mRNA gene therapy alterations of human DNA, infiltration of Congress by traitors and treasonous sellouts, destruction of our military and its effectiveness, Energy dependence, economic destruction to all Americans, destruction of small businesses, declaration of inequality of the non-essential citizen business, racial preferences and cultural demands for secularism and tolerance of perversity, and numerous other degradation just in my lifetime illustrate the drift toward a Godless New World Order. Tyranny and tyrants that must be brought down by our Christian sword.

A new Crusade for Christ and God’s Word is overdue.

Prepare to fight and kill Satan’s ilk. The culture of death and deception has propagated to release creatures of evil; These creatures will descend upon us like acid rain, we must cleanse the earth of them. With God’s favor, we will restore and heal His Creation. Help us Lord Jesus. Amen.

Trust the plan; God’s Plan.

Live Free or die!

Victory or death.

Gargasz, Robert J.

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The military operation (Devolution) is II Thessalonians Chapter 2 being fulfilled. The (Q operation) is so that we can speak in parables as Christ did so we won’t be censored. Luke 18 is Jesus Christ prophesying the overturn of the2020 election. Not until the Anti-Christ is revealed (II Thessalonians).In Luke 18 the U.S.A. Is the widow ; Donald Trump was our husband; John Roberts is the unrighteousness judge who will not hear our case. Clarence Thomas will hear our case as the same judge who would not. Verse 7; Don’t you expect theFather to take Care of His elected?

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Thank you, Tom, for your leadership and for all that you are doing to fight the fight against the evil in this world. I agree with your assessment and concern that “trust the plan” and “#Godwins” can be misunderstood as a “green-light” for some to sit back and not act. As a follower of Q with a pretty good understanding of how to follow and interpret the posts, I would argue that although we are told to trust the plan at large, we have never been told to sit back and wait and not get involved. It’s quite the contrary. Q has encouraged us to fight the fight where we can make an impact like within in our local communities whether that is to get involved with local elections or by becoming an influencer to push out the truth. Q guides us to truth and provides links to information, but never tells us to accept or believe what we are being told by Q, but to research and discern for ourselves. Furthermore, Q encourages us to take that information and apply it to whatever your calling is within this Great Awakening. Q is working on a higher level (think global) while we are working on the “grass roots” level with our family, friends and local officials where we can influence and drive change. Q wants us to meet him/them in the middle. They do their part and we do ours. Now to parallel this with #Godwins, God is working and moving in His way, but we are called to move with Him not to just sit back. While He is working, we are called to do His work whether that is through ministry or to look around to those near us in our sphere of influence and share the good news so that they may turn to God now while they still can. I personally became closer to God through the Q movement because it is a community of believers and of truth. That is just my interpretation of these two important ideas. Thank you for bringing them forth as they are very worthy of discussion!

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Mr. Tom Renz,

Agreed, we haven’t got a “Q”.

Neither do we make the time for errant Big Screen Spectacles which mostly serve to confuse.

Like “The Q”, some would like to give import to “Red Pill, Blue Pill”, again, no clue!

But evidence, like substance is truly in high demand. Unfortunately “to me” our horizons have become a panoramic collage of “ALL That Can Be Seen”. The unfortunate side, seemingly just beyond the horizon, is that The Almighty God, The Spirit, is Unseen. However, “our need for evidence and substance”, is what will save us! Faith is “The Substance” of things hoped for and “The Evidence” of things “not” seen. <The book of Hebrews chapter 11 verse One. The Lord Our God is One, (not many). The same God,(or angel “messenger” of God), who appeared to Abraham is The One and Only Almighty God who became a man,( Emanuel ), Moshiach Yeshua,

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The apostle Philip asked such “The Human” question, after seeing the dead raised, the blind see and the crippled walk,”Show us The Father and it will suffice us?”. Jesus answered, Have I been with you so long and you have not known me Philip?

He that has seen me, has seen The Father. Gospel of John chapter 14.

Faith comes by HEARING...

and HEARING comes by “THE WORD OF GOD”.


WE ARE SAVED by GRACE ( unearned favor ) through FAITH...

did you see that.....

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I too also agree with you 100%. It is up to each and everyone of us to do what we can in this fight to get our nation back to the law abiding Constitutional Republic that our Founding Fathers put together for us. It does require us to dig deep and tap on the holy spirit to guide us in the fight as we can't do it without the Lord on our side. I borrow a phrase from a gent that I listen to fairly regularly who often says, "there are no political answers for spiritual problems." Reminds me of "we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities in high places". We are in a spiritual battle here, and we need the full armor of God to guide us through these times.

I have read the Q posts, but I took it in a different light. I hadn't keyed into the gravity of things like child trafficking, while I knew that it happened, I didn't know just how large this problem is even in our own country. From my perspective I saw the posts as information that expanded my awareness of just how much evil is going on in this world and what really woke me up to what an intense spiritual battle we are in. It is up to each of us to use whatever skill sets we may have to help is this fight, like the way you are using your skills as an attorney to help battle the wrong that has hit so many people.

Our prayers every day to help in this battle and keep us all strong as we seek the Wisdom of the Lord to move forward.

God Bless you and all that you are doing in this battle Tom.

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Tom, what gets lost in the Q "Plan" talk/mythology is that Q repeatedly - it was his major point - stated that everyone needs to do their own research, use critical thinking skills - hone those skills, exercise discernment, test and retest to find the truth. Q would then lead through historical events in our country's history and intel ops - show the stories and opinions behind stories and events, then challenge the anons to check it out themselves. He'd pose riddles and hints, evoke responses and challenges to his challenges. Q also was VERY MUCH about God, family, country, our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The 'Plan" is our vigilance and attention to ensuring freedom and red pilling others. He encouraged fellowshipping with fellow patriots and every American's responsibility. Also being there to pick up the pieces when and as things fall apart and people start to realize the ongoing Overthrow of America. Gen. Flynn's campaign is similar - get involved locally and work up. Think, speak up and act. The Q messages are diluted by the "Plan" thing, when those into it (and with those who are dedicated to deflection and thus deceitfully exploit such phrases) have the idea that somehow Trump is playing 4,5,7, 9th Degree Chess or something - that everything is "okay" somehow. As if Trump would subject Americans to such devastation as something necessary for a "Plan!" Absolutely nonsensical and delusional given all the very real deaths, injuries, losses we are seeing and the assaults on our individual freedoms. It is amazing the convoluted logics people will employ to explain the world in a fashion that requires they need not do anything. My younger sister weaves a reality where Biden is a great and competent guy - whereas in most other things she is realistic as a nurse. I have to check myself constantly because I fear mythologizing myself in an way that is going to severely bite me in the ass with reality. I keep some myths for my sanity yet be prepared to dump them or adjust them when information presents more or new facts.

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Excellent and correct interpretation of the Word. I once read Q records which amount to nothing- they just string ppl along for clicks. God wants us to use our brains to prepare for Chris’s return which I wish would be soon to deliver/rescue us from these evil times. You have our support for all your phenomenal work and gains amidst covid, etc

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