Tom, You keep letting the mRNA criminals off of the hook, by not highlighting the fundamental flaws that all mRNA shots have. Which means any MD pushing mRNA is guilty of criminal malpractice/incompetence.

You are ignorant about this because you have not taken the time to educate yourself from solid sources like this video, that shows “All mRNA Vaccines will cause harm” ( https://rumble.com/v21ppz6-all-mrna-vaccines-will-cause-harm-prof.-dr.-bhakdi.html )

Please WAKE UP on this topic, so that at least your readers won’t be ignorant about being harmed by the mRNA versions, of all vaccines, that the criminals are planning to roll out, and then force American kids to take. Spend the 20-mins needed to educate yourself, our kids deserve nothing less from a great peaceful freedom fighter like you. It should also be apparent from this Dr Bhakdi MD lecture what the very likely mechanisms are behind all the sudden deaths.

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Mar 6, 2023·edited Mar 6, 2023

Tom, there are many more persons who need to be identified and brought to justice than those obvious dozens before our eyes. A key element necessary for the pandemic to have had such a devastating effect on humanity was suppression of the use of repurposed medications well tolerated and effective medications to treat early Covid-19 infection namely hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, vitamin D, oral zinc, etc. and other effective nutritional supplements, suppression of knowledge that the Covid-19 virus is extremely sensitive to nasal irrigation with inexpensive ubiquitous such as dilute hydrogen peroxide. Careful highly publicized propaganda coupled with actions to suppress early treatment of Covid 19 infection had to have been carefully orchestrated (?by whom) to permit the FDA to award an EUA (emergency use authorization) of the mRNA pseudo-vaccines. An EUA could not be awarded in the presence of any other effective treatment for COvid-19.

I do not wish to write a book here but the EUAs offered liability protection for the manufacturers of the malfeasant jabs, waived informed consent of the citizens who would be inoculated, and more The perpetrators of the administration of the "jabs" knew full well that they would be ineffective, unsafe, not reduce transmission of disease, etc. but would deliver the toxic substances in a stepwise fashion (jabs and boosters) to cause morbidity and mortality to the recipients. There was no scientific evidence that 100% vaccination of the populous, social distancing, lock downs, or masks would have any benefit, yet even today we see people driving alone in their cars with masks. Who (or maybe the WHO) organized this plan to depopulate the world? This chain of destructive events did not happen by accident but through a well coordinated demonic plan. There are many more swamp creatures who need to be identified and destroyed so that they can never collude to execute these crimes against humanity again.

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“All mRNA Vaccines will cause harm” ( https://rumble.com/v21ppz6-all-mrna-vaccines-will-cause-harm-prof.-dr.-bhakdi.html )

The gene therapy shots are the bio-weapon and are being implanted to create genocide. Doctors have been working under false pretenses and assumptions that mRNA technology was beneficial to their patients.

The doctors have been deceived and manipulated.

This killing off of the people is accomplished by damage to heart and brain lesions that cannot repair itself.

Humans injected with mRNA will be altered, changed, and damaged forever.

Stop all mandates for this bio-weapon and save humanity from the genocide now being implemented!

See the movement in Mississippi. End this genocide poison and demand Justice be had upon the criminal perpetrators of this killing of our Human Brothers and Sisters.

Gargasz, Robert J.

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I believe the only reason they involved China in the scheme was to blame China. Mission accomplished. The only reason to use mRNA for the vaccines is that it is the perfect technology to poison the population. The population has already been extensively modified. Prescription drugs, nutritionally deficient food, food additives, GMO food, vaccines, propaganda.

75% Of Americans Aged 17-24 Aren't Fit For Military Service

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I'm sure you are very busy but I HIGHLY recommend you listen to this presentation from Sasha Latypova. Most of her professional career was in the pharma/healthcare industry with specific focus on development, validation, regulatory acceptance and commercialization of new clinical technologies and biomarkers. Sasha Latypova built two businesses in Pharma over 20+ years, supporting companies like Pfizer and J&J in running clinical trials. She lays out the case of "intent to harm" along with attorney Katherine Watts in this jaw dropping video. Thank you for fighting the good fight! We are with you! God bless! https://rumble.com/v289h2g-sasha-latypova-covid-19-countermeasures-evidence-of-the-intent-to-harm.html

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A free and fair election coupled with a free and fair press would be a great start...people would start to wake up.

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Everyone willing to make negative comments regarding the work Tom Renz does to prevent the globalists from killing and enslaving the human race - I have a question to pose to each of you. WHAT HAVE YOU PERSONALLY DONE TO HELP STOP THIS GENOCIDAL ONSLAUGHT? Have you spent any time attempting to educate the public, your family or friends about the dangers of mRNA technology? Have you written your congressional representatives, DONATED TO SUPPORT Tom Renz's efforts or any of the other organizations which openly fight bio-weapon injection mandates? Have you forcefully resisted wearing a mask or taking an inaccurate PCR test? Did you foolishly take these injections to get your "vaccine passport" so you could attend sporting events or other venues where woke required one? Do you shop exclusively at companies which support free medical choices? Have you taken any action at all or are you hiding behind the brave patriots like Renz, Malone, Wolf, David Martin, Edward Dowd, Freedom Fighters, or the others who have willingly placed themselves in harm's way to fight for ALL OF US? I suspect not because if you took any of the actions listed above you would realize this is not an easy fight. The only way to prevent the WEF/Klause/Global Elite agenda from being realized is THROUGH MASS NON-COMPLIANCE and supporting the brave people in the Vanguard. Wake up you fools and get out there. Stop whining/criticizing and get involved. If you are too fearful yourselves to be in an uncomfortable position, at least donate to support these brave people.

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I am a Watchman also called a Seer {Ezekiel chapter 33} I even see Dr Andrew Huff's food supply shortage patents sponsored by our gov't. (🔎 Andrew Huff + justia + patents)

My agency, Legal Link Confidential, offers 2 main pieces and appointed HaShem CEO in 2020 [re]vision:

i] Patent Trail of Tears (2.5 years of research) https://covidandvaxfaqs.substack.com/p/patents-implicate-pandemic-conspiracy


ii] The Confidential Pfizer Files 📂 [🇺🇸 + 🇮🇱] https://covidandvaxfaqs.substack.com/p/pfizer-money-wired-via-fda-to-treasury


Goød bless,


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This is "off topic" but in view of the fact that it is tax season I am curious if everyone here is still sending their taxes in this year. Thoughts?

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Anybody out there want to share ideas on how to deal with this evil?

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Things are never as they seem?

This holds true for the lab leak. Last year it was racist to even suggest the leak came from China, this year not so much.

Additionally, we now see support at all levels for tossing both China and Fauci under the bus in an all out effort to prevent looking at the current dot that I will call "Covid", as well as all the dots leading up to the Covid dot.

In the early stages of the Covid dot, if looked at closely, one would find that the median age of those dying was 80 and with 3 plus comorbities. Or as they say a nothing burger! Yes, people we catching Covid, but most were NOT dying.

What to do? Well they needed to fix the numbers. This was easily done in front of everyone will little or no questioning. They just change those dying WITH Covid to FROM...problem solved.

Additionally, the government placed an incentive into the system as well...a nice fat bonus for those hospitals that had patients die FROM Covid....problem solved again.

So, as the count goes from thousands to millions impacted from COVID, and dying, something needed to be done, a vaccine must be created. But there we no quickly available vaccines. So, the government elected for gene therapy also know as mRNA. There we two things wrong this gene therapy, it was not a vaccine and it was a known killer in all past trials. But not to worry, as those with powerful friends already had patents on the necessary gene therapies...I mean vaccines.

So, here we were, a cold virus we were calling a pandemic, a vaccine that was a known killer in past trials and governments around the world promoting a "vaccine" on their populations...to what end.

To what end you ask...that question may be the easiest to answer and I'll answer it with a question.

"What value are you to society?"

For most of us we are net consumers. If the consumers disappear, many of the producers can disappear as well. Most government programs can disappear, Social Security is solved, no need for Food Stamps as we just made sure that those on government programs get their next round of "shots" free, especially their children.

For over half the nation you don't have to worry if they are coming for you, you are already captured. AI via IoT knows where you are and what you are doing, assuming you are anywhere near the grid. If you talked about leaving the grid and going some place "safe"...they know where you talked about and your last known location when you left the grid.

If you are not afraid since you have done nothing wrong..."HOW do you know? You are reading this aren't you??

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It is astounding the evil, depravity and blatant unGodly actions of so many people. It makes your head spin. It also makes you wonder when they will come to justice and when people will wake up.

Thank you Tom for your reasonable, honest discussion of the topics brought up.

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