No way this was just a 'glitch'.

I worked with US DOT data and even a 1% 'deviation' sent people into a panic.

What data is the Biden administration relying on to determine long term safety and efficacy of these vaccines? VAERS, Medicare, US DOD data?

Apparently they aren't relying on anything!!?

So bizarre that it defies belief.

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It is ludicrous that we now need fact checkers for the fact checkers.

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"They" think we are as stupid as they are. There are some that choose to be ignorant because the people just don't want to face what is REALLY going on. It doesn't AFFECT THEM YET! Which is really sad and so God awfully ignorant to say that it won't. One Day we will be out of this mess. I hope I live that long to see my Grandchild have a Free Life in Canada and I wish the same for our wonderful allies to the South. God Bless and keep you and yours ,safe. xo RMRoss B,C. Canada

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