I was a Democrat, so my friends still think I am. When I ask them if they are still planning to vote for Joe Biden ~ given the border, the vaccines, the smell of Communism ~ they all say YES, and the #1 reason is because of abortion rights, a girls sovernity over her own body, "if they can take away my rights to my own body, what else can they do?" These are all people who are well past the birthing age!

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Yes, the Covid thing was horrific. But, if we turn back the clock, there were somethings that seem to be forgotten during Trump's time. 1. He put VP Pence in charge of the Covid grouping, i.e. Fauci, Berks et al. 2. He also tried numerous times to discuss things like HCQ, light therapy 3. He rarely wore a mask during that time. 3. When he did contract Covid he went in the hospital and took the alternative HCQ and came back out done with Covid. 4. He has always advocated for CHOICE. You should be able to choose the alternative therapies or the shot, he never said you must take the shot. 5. He was also very vocal about it being created in CHINA..remember him saying it in a funky sounding way. 6. He was vocal about Covid being created there and that it was an act of war for China to release it on the world. 7. He said in the beginning that he would work to cut the red tape on getting the shot out sooner for those who wanted to take it.

I do agree that I wish he would come out and discuss the fact that big pharma screwed us over with that shot, that it wasn't what it was advertised as etc. And that he would come out and state that pharma needs to be held accountable for the deaths / damages that so many of our friends / neighbors / family have suffered from these jabs.

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Dear Thomas and friends.

THEY are afraid of the PEOPLE that love Mr Trump, not Trump.

I guess that's why he's busy with court unless THIS is ALL orchestrated.

I am in doubt about EVERYTHING to do politics.

Can you blame us?

TP Riots will go down in History as the Stoopidest depths that people can sink.

I said to my Mom, "WHY NOT BEANS AND SARDINES.?"

"Yes" she said. "If you don't eat, you don't POOP."

Regards from a Canadian sister.

Rolonne Marie Ross

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