God bless you, Tom 🙏♥️🙏 Do you think that today it’s still safe to buy beef, pork, chicken, cheese, and eggs? Or do you think that they have already implemented this catastrophe? Thank you so much ♥️

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For any bill that you recommend we support or oppose, please provide links and/or a petition form + a script to help us weigh in. Include the Bill #, Bill Description, Link to Bill Page, and the names and emails (or a link to the emails) where we can write.

In Idaho, we did that, and it helped. These suggestions definitely are more work for authors, but can help citizens engage more effectively. One person does the heavy lifting of providing the info, then the rest of us pick up the rope and start pushing and pulling as needed.

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Are you familiar with Karen Kingston? She has a Substack called The Kingston Report. She says she is willing to help get these criminals prosecuted.


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Thank God Tom Renz for your voice. Almost no one is calling for a ban on M RNA, technology and platforms, and yet a ban must happen to preserve the human race. Thank you for being one of the few and the brave. Perhaps we can inspire others! As you have pointed out, we have a very narrow window to stop this Pandora’s box from opening any further.


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A little street smarts has one asking...to what end?

If the end is noble the answers are forthright and with compelling data.

If the end is less than noble the answers are vague at best or not given at all.

So, we now see the sponsors of the "food pyramid" that has promoted feeding and fattening us like cattle taking the next step to hasten our demise.

So, we have Bill Gates, and his foundation, keeping the family tradition alive from Planned Parenthood killing black babies in mass, to death via vaccines and food.

But we are to blame as well, as we continue to elect politicians whose main goal is self-enrichment regardless of who is harmed in the end.

We are but helpless slaves living at the whim of those in power.

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Thank You Tom for exposing more nonsense the Globalist are pushing upon US, with Gates being the biggest AssHat!!

Pathetic people think they are going to Control the World! They may succeed here while deceiving many however, God Our Lord Jesus Christ Will Not Be Deceived and Oh my is all I can say! I don't understand why so many idiots are hellbent for Power and Our Politicians are okay with it. We Do know why, they are Unbelievers! Can't take worldly stuff with them🤣 Meanwhile, we need to expose this anyway possible! They can try but they will Never succeed to gain Everlasting Life. Continue to pray, believe, and the Believers in God will be better than very fine! God Bless Everyone 🙏🙏

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It is unlawful and illegal to poison another or to sell them unwholesome food or drink. Or is it?

What is a wholesome food product?

What is an adulterated product?

Whom do we trust to sell us groceries?

Would they sell us poisonous food or adulterated products?

Would our doctor inject us with poison?

Who do we trust?; and who can we trust?

Corruption and evilness all around us. A whiter shad of pale. God Bless us all!

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Do we have any evidence that shows whether the body treats inGESted mRNA the same as inJECted mRNA? I’ve been wondering about this. For example, does chewing and swallowing mRNA cause the mRNA to become inert (or less damaging) vs. injecting it directly into the bloodstream?

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This Missourian just wrote a letter to his state representative. I hope others reading this will do the same.

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Apr 2, 2023·edited Apr 2, 2023

I love that you are a Christian practicing believer. I'm a Holocaust 3rd gen speaker that's been saved by righteous Christians. I believe our best bet is countering my malicious prosecution + persecution by the deep state in North Carolina because IM following the highest Counsel. NC is also the state Baric should be criminally prosecuted versus NY where Baric is being lumped with NY/UK Daszak. I just want a dollar like Gwyneth Paltrow + legal fees for you and Warner Mendenhall to prep the landmark mass tort. I signed a release of records a few months before his case with Brook faltered this Friday.

G-D is my company's CEO who I appointed in [hindsight] 2020. He is disgusted at a fake plague and delivers the message, "I will not be mocked." He showed me that Dr Andrew Huff is a fraud and will either curse your civil case or lead to real plagues being deliverĚd. A 2014 food shortage patent•gov grant before joining ecohealth is internationally toxic. Patent #20140288995a1 is a huge problem propheticaly hitting Ohio first.

Do not fear righteousness nor the private Federal Reserve's liabilities. The Flexnor Report will be overridden together and I have the rest of the patent trail of tears for you ⚠


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I just read 04/02/23 All pigs and cows are to recieve the mRNA vax as well.

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It's hard to believe that the people who want to poison our food supply haven't been arrested.

I didn't read their reason for wanting to do this. Are they delusionally thinking the vaccines are safe and effective? They are neither, and the drug industry has already acknowledged the lack of effectiveness. They are in full censorship mode trying to hide the dangers of their jabs. So again I ask: why do they want to poison our food supply?

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Mr Renz,

I don't know if this interview actually happened with Mr Gates but it rings true!


Gates stole every technology he could. Engaging in antitrust and monopolistic practices.

I'm familiar with how powerful lobbying is. When I was the FHWA Safety Engineer in New Mexico the liquor lobby had tremendous power. Drive Up Liquor stores were never banned! In fact many times the driver was too intoxicated to walk, but could get liquor from the window!

This is a fantastic Jim Jordan interview with the attorney who deposed Fauci.


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Thank you!!

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Tom if you could, please look into something that seems very evil, but definitely aligns with these parasites that are trying to kill us. I’m not a person to take things lightly or speak based on hearsay. I have acted as a liaison with a couple of the doctors on tour. Alarmingly, I have heard twice now, about doctors or scientists finding human blood or cells? in organic and non-organic meat. Then I also heard that they are burning the bodies and spreading the powder in our food. I’m trying to find the sites again, and I will post them when I find them. Hopefully you have an avenue that you can go down as it relates to the Luciferian parasites, to find out about this.

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Good God America WAKE UP! No one is coming to save us. We must do it ourselves. The political party system has hijacked democracy. Ruled by money, it serves the tyranny of wealth rather than the well-being of the public. Direct democracy, beginning at the local level, is the only thing that will restore our natural rights and freedoms. Just launched. A safe, anonymous search tool to connect neighbours and initiate Local Resistance. Check it out. Spread the word. Thank-you. https://localresistance.org

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