Well said. Thanks for this analysis.

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Thank you for sharing your perspective and the reminders it includes. The “enemy” -- in this fight and of our souls -- always seeks to divide. And thank you (from a fellow albeit inactive/retired lawyer) for being a courageous and tireless fighter for truth and justice and the (real) American way

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Absolutely Tom! And to just bring it home, my sister (who had two Pfizer’s in early 21) has life threatening clots in her leg and is now in emergency room for ultra sound analysis to determine the medication strategy to dissolve the clots. She regrets her fear/based decision to get the clot shots. Thankfully, she’s a Christian and has faith, hope and grace.

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Thanks for speaking out on this movie, and agree with your take on it. Is also useful to know where to go for solid info, from a highly credible scientist/doctor, when needed to counter bogus debunking by biased factcheckers. So, here is one: “What is Causing the Blood Clots from ‘Died Suddenly?’" (https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/what-is-causing-the-died-suddenly )

Please keep up the great work and God Spede sir...

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If your arguments in court are as good as your arguments for talking about and sharing this movie despite its few factual flaws -- there’s HOPE! Keep up the excellent work, Tom Renz. And thank you!

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God has a way of using bad situations and bringing good out of them. I appreciate your dedication to the cause.

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I couldn't agree more. The movie has more than enough productive and unassailable facts and messages in it to overcome a few errors. And with this genocide continuing into it's third year, along with the massive number of people who simply cannot see the truth through the elite's lies, an in-your-face approach is well warranted.

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Excellent article Tom. If it helps just one person wake up, then the movie is worth it, even if it is not perfect.

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Absolutely agree with you. I find that even in small groups of freedom fighters, ego gets the front burner while the real issue is, that little that we've been told has been truth regarding the jabs and the C-19 plandemic. I say to everyone, stay unified, forgive, be positive and kind, pray for strength and wisdom and never give up, no matter what.

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Thanks for sharing your perspective, Tom.

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'Died Suddenly,' another arm or tentacle appears from the inhumane treatment facing humanity today! The masks, the lockdowns, the covid scam, jabs/shots, mandates, Hospital Remdesivir, passports, and SDS, (Sudden Death Syndrome!) All connected tentacles, from the killing machine have one intention! Decrease global population 'Suddenly!' We've all felt the battering in some nightmarish way! My husband's life was taken Jan. 2022 by "Hospital Remdesivir!" Justice for him and others like him whose lives were taken 'Suddenly' remains haunting! They're not forgotten! They didn't give their lives - their lives were 'Suddenly' taken!

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I watched the film, Died Suddenly, after reading your email earlier this week. Thank you so much for all you are doing, and for bringing attention to this documentary. I have since watched it with several other people and plan to continue sharing it. Everyone needs to see this.

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Our government system was infiltrated by pure evil. We have to endure, attempt to fix our country by standing together and focus on what battles we know we can win, and TRUST GOD and give HIM glory first. He's on our side. He's just waiting for more of those He made in HIS image to acknowledge HIS power, go to Him in prayer and ask Him to help us all. He will hear us. The Bible is the play book. We know how it ends. So does the evil. That's why we should all be more confident when up against the evil plotters. God doesn't give us what we can handle... He helps us handle what we are given.

IMO, Forensic specialists (as in CSI) should be analyzing those blood clots in comparison with marine creatures, e.g., squid or octopus. If everything is "right in our face," then maybe we should call it like we see it and go from there.

I agree with others, the clots look like long fibrous material that resembles calamari. But the embalmers/specialists in the documentary couldn't identify the so-called "coffee grounds" in the blood. If oil and water doesn't mix (as seen on an ocean oil spill), then the coffee grounds can't mix with our blood and curdle up like oil does in the ocean. If the fibrous material looks like calamari, then maybe the "coffee grounds" are ink blots... as in octopus ink. Chameleons can change their color, but octopi can change their shapes in their environment. Their environment is salt water. Test their dna first. Compare it to the clots.

Watch the movie, "The Arrival." Who makes these movies up? Who has an imagination like that? With All the movies out there continuing to prepare us for war, we tend to become desensitized and dismiss the plot as science fiction. But THEY tell us to "trust the science."

Reminder: Trust GOD. He created everything... including the ocean dwellers. But mankind keeps playing God to try to defeat the evil. Just ASK HIM for help. He'll direct your paths... even if it leads to some Hollywood movie I thought was science fiction. Not so sure now. Somebody had to learn something about communicating with non-human intelligence in order to make that movie. If we can communicate with Dolphins (mammals that live in salt water), why couldn't mankind learn to communicate with other ocean dwellers? If humans are a part of a world-wide dna/gene alternating experiment, and not just a depopulation plan, then we are truly looking at an extinction event propounded upon humanity. Fear God. But love thy neighbor as thyself. We're all experiencing this worldly life together (for now).

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Tom - I’m trying to help my fellow warrior get in touch with you. His name is Tom Haviland. He is from Beavercreek, OH.

Tom would like to know: "Is there any way that we can "legally force" the 100 embalmers who raised their hands at the 26 Oct 2022 Ohio Embalmers Fall Seminar, indicating that they have seen these strange "fibrous white clots" when asked by embalmer Wallace Hooker at the 13:15 minute mark of "Died Suddenly," to COME FORWARD PUBLICLY? After all, it seems to me that these 100 embalmers are WITHHOLDING EVIDENCE (i.e., the fibrous white clots) of a crime against humanity, aren't they?"

See his message below from a comment he made on Steve Kirsch’s latest article:

Over the past two weeks, I have uncovered very important information below by talking to the President, Second Vice-President, and Secretary of the Ohio Embalmers Association (OEA) about their recent 26 Oct 2022 Fall Seminar where nearly 100 embalmers raised their hands indicating "yes" when asked if they have seen the "fibrous white clots" in corpses, starting in the Year 2021.

You'll see as you read the below thread that I have been in direct communication with Mr. Wallace Hooker who was the presenter at the OEA Fall Seminar, AND who appears at the 13:15 minute mark of the "Died Suddenly" movie with this claim of the 100 embalmers raising their hands. I have also had a very nice conversation with Mr. Richard Hirschman who also appears in the "Died Suddenly" film.

You will also see that I have been in direct communication with Steve Kirsch, and Louisa, this is where I need your help.

Last Saturday (26 Nov), I sent an email to Steve detailing a phone conversation that I had with Mr. David Hicks who is the Secretary of the Ohio Embalmers Association. You'll see that I asked Mr. Hicks three questions during my phone conversation with him, including "Were you in the room when the 100 embalmers raised their hands?"

Steve was very interested in my story, and he sent me back an email on 26 Nov stating, "Tom, Can I publish this with attribution??? Sent from my iPhone." Then, I quickly responded with enthusiasm, "Yes. Absolutely! I want the world to know."

But then something unexpected happened. Mr. Hooker sent an email on 28 Nov to both Steve and I where Mr. Hooker chastised me for insinuating in my previous email that Mr. Hicks at the OEA had not been entirely forthcoming in his answers to my three questions. Louisa, I'll let you be the judge of that when you read Mr. Hick's responses to my questions below.

Unfortunately, Mr. Hooker's "wet blanket" email on 28 Nov led to Steve's decision to "spike" my story on 29 Nov where Steve said, "Seems like I should pass on publishing this…"

BUT THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE. While it is laudable for Mr. Hooker to want to defend the honor of his embalmer friends and colleagues, there is a MUCH MORE IMPORTANT MISSION AT STAKE HERE. Namely, for the TRUTH to come out about these deadly jabs. And that means that THESE 100 EMBALMERS AT THE OHIO CONFERENCE NEED TO COME FORWARD and tell the world that they are seeing these fibrous white clots!

STEVE NEEDS TO PUBLISH THE STORY of my phone conversations with Mr. Hicks, Mr. Becker, and Mr. Wilson in order to encourage these three men and others who were at the conference to "do the right thing." Mr. Hooker and Mr. Hirschman were brave enough to speak out. Their embalmer friends and colleagues should do the same, and not leave Mr. Hooker and Mr. Hirschman out there alone twisting in the wind.

Sorry for the long thread, Louisa, but I think that it is important that you see it all so that you understand the full context.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Again, I need your help to convince Steve to publish this important story. Don't let it die. I don't need to tell you that millions of lives are depending on it.


Tom Haviland

Beavercreek, OH


Phone: 937-431-0801

At the 13:15 minute mark of the attached "Died Suddenly" video, an embalmer named Wallace Hooker claims that he was a presenter at a recent Ohio Embalmers Conference where he showed photos of the "fibrous white clots" found in the corpses of persons who had taken the Covid-19 "vaccine." Mr. Hooker claims in the video that he asked the audience of around 100 embalmers: 1. have they also seen these strange fibrous white clots (nearly all answered "yes"), and 2. when did they start seeing these clots (nearly all answered 16-18 months ago; that is when the mRNA "vaccines" were first introduced).

To verify his story, on 22 Nov I contacted Mr. David Hicks who is listed as the point of contact at the Ohio Embalmers Association (phone 513-384-7846). I told Mr. Hicks that I was trying to verify Mr. Hooker's story as presented in the "Died Suddenly" video. Mr. Hicks acknowledged that Mr. Hooker did indeed give a presentation at the recent Ohio Embalmers Conference. When I specifically asked about the part of the story where Mr. Hooker claims that nearly all of the other 100 embalmers raised their hands when asked if they too had seen these fibrous white clots, Mr. Hicks responded by saying that he (Mr. Hicks) was not in the room at that time so that he could neither confirm nor deny Mr. Hooker's claim. (I found it strange that Mr.Hicks wouldn't want to make sure that he was present at such an important moment during the conference.)

I then I asked Mr. Hicks, who is an embalmer himself, if he has seen these fibrous white clots in his practice, or if any of the embalmers that he knows have seen them. Mr. Hicks simply responded that he has not performed many embalmings recently. (Again, I found it strange that Mr. Hicks didn't really answer my question.)

Finally, during our less than 3 minute conversation, I stated that I understand why many medical doctors are reluctant to speak out against the Covid-19 "vaccines" because they want to keep their hospital privileges, certifications, and licenses. I then asked Mr. Hicks, "Is there any reason why embalmers would be afraid to speak out if/when they find these unusual fibrous white clots?" Right after I finished my question, our phone connection was abruptly broken off. I immediately called Mr. Hicks back but was sent to his voicemail where I asked him to call me back so I could get his answer to my last question. He never has not called me back. (What a strange time to have our phone call get cut off.)

Then on 28 Nov, I contacted the President of the Ohio Embalmers Association (OEA), Mr. Dan Becker (phone number: 330-565-1206). I asked Mr. Becker the same 3 questions that I asked Mr. Hicks who is the OEA Secretary. I specifically asked Mr. Becker if he was in the room at the time when the 100 embalmers raised their hands (Mr. Becker answered "no"). I then asked Mr. Becker if he has seen the fibrous white clots in his own practice (Mr. Becker answered that he is retired now and does not perform embalmings anymore). Finally, when I asked Mr. Becker if there would be any reason why embalmers would be afraid to speak out if/when they find these fibrous white clots, Mr. Becker responded by stating, "This is starting to sound like an inquisition." He then asked who I was and why I wanted to know so bad. Mr. Becker then broke off our phone conversation.

Also on Nov 28, I contacted a funeral director and embalmer for 28 years who originally worked in my hometown of Marion, OH. He is Woody Wilson, currently the Funeral Director at Wilson Funeral Home in Marysville, OH (phone number: 937-642-1751). I asked Mr. Wilson the same 3 questions that I had asked OEA Secretary Mr. Hicks and OEA President Mr. Becker. I specifically asked Mr. Wilson if he was in the room at the time when the 100 embalmers raised their hands (Mr. Wilson answered that he might have been, but that he couldn't remember for sure because he was in and out of the room all day). I then asked Mr. Wilson if he has seen the fibrous white clots in his own practice (Mr. Wilson answered "yes," and that it only dawned him recently that these fibrous white clots have become more prevalent over the last year and a half (i.e., Years 2021 and 2022). Mr. Wilson also mentioned that he had noticed that the more traditional "red" blood clots had become more prevalent during the Year 2020 in corpses, presumably because of Covid and before the vaccines were available). Finally, when I asked Mr. Wilson if there would be any reason why embalmers would be afraid to speak out if/when they find these fibrous white clots, it led to our discussion of how funeral homes can suffer financial repercussions for speaking out. In spite of that, Mr. Wilson agreed that he would try to put me in touch with other embalmers who may have been in the room at the conference when Mr. Hooker called for a raise of hands. I called and left a message for Mr. Wilson the next day, but has never called me back yet.

I'll leave you all to your own conclusions. As for me, I tend to believe Mr. Hooker's story 100%. I also get the distinct impression that Mr. Hicks, Mr, Becker, and Mr. Wilson of the Ohio Embalmers Association DO NOT want to "rock the boat" on the mainstream narrative that the jabs are safe and that "there's nothing to see here."

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Thank you Mr Tom Renz for your honest analysis and support of this film! I agree with you on the points you made! A friend of mine shared the link with me and included the note a family member who had been pro V had sent her after he viewed it - it was a wake up call to him! I am hoping this film does go viral and get the attention of those who haven’t taken the time to research (including some of my own children, especially before another one of my grandchildren are given it) and discover the many risks involved! I have repeatedly tried to share credible data to no avail because they refuse to even look at it, not believing that so many doctors & government workers could be wrong! Some have argued that it is just “fear porn” not unlike what our government does to us. But I disagree in that it has a purpose to inform, make people aware so they can get the preventative care they need and STOP the HARM being done! They are not ceasing with pushing these toxins on us and I have no reason to believe they won’t do it again with the next one, which Billy warned us that it we would take serious!

It is unfortunate that some errors were included in the film and I hope the producers can correct that or at least add a side note so that their credibility is not lost. I’m disappointed how some in this movement are seemingly so quick to assign wrong motives and character assassinate those who are in this fight and making a difference!

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