So the coverup is being written into the very law that is supposed to expose it.

Is there anybody, anywhere, that we can trust?

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Journal of Virology (NIH) 08/22/2005. "Fauci chloroquine study 2005. Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of Sars Coronavirus infection and stops the transmission Hydroxy-chloroquine(HCQ) works and stops the coronavirus. Then they proceeded to take all who prescribe it to their state boards for punishment.

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Thanks Tom. This helped my understanding of an otherwise inexplicable act. Goes to the point of demonstrating how compromised the whole legislature is. Knowing what you told us shows the hand of the deep state actors.

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Mr Renz,

Don't ever assume China is monolithic. It's not.

Xi has his maniacs just like we do. That's why Xi was angered by Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. Pelosi was in Taiwan to get her son a high paying position on Taiwan boards. She tarnished the policy of ambiguity. Without this shield of ambiguity Xi will have a hard fight!

I am in a depressed cloud over the Fauci revelations.

Lying to congress;

Funding bioweapon research;

Mandating lethal treatment protocols;

Suppressing alternative treatments;

Bribing scientists.

The list goes on.

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You are the first to publicly hit the nail on the head! However, the most significant obstacle would have been the first takedown. DNA Avril Haines, the Pandemic Preparedness/Response script writer and featured speaker at Event 201. Ms. Haines was a key player in the Obama Intel Cartel and the transition to a gargantuan Deep State totalitarian surveillance technocracy. Globally linked. Ms. Haines has quite a portfolio. She moves effortlessly between stints with the corporate globalist sector- every professional sounding, yet indecipherable too generic, but elite sounding professional entity. A certain cachet. Always tied to “ data methodology in tracking infectious diseases and research”. She’s entwined with Palantir, Metabiota( Hunter and Chris Heinz dirty deal laundered through their dummy company, Rosemont Seneca and contracted through the CIA and their “ private/public sector “ partner, Google/Microft). Yup, it’s all on Hunter’s laptop Metabiota is in simply fab locations. The Wuhan lab, Ukraine biolabs,Canada,France and now the newest US “ military installments”, Philippines, Japan,Cambodia,Bangladesh, Tunisia.. but it’s just coincidental, right?

The esteemed Avril Haines laid the groundwork to create the Russia Hoax. Was instrumental in creating the. vile Anti-Israel Resolution that did t Obama abstained from vetoing, but masterminded the false narrative. A US first and the most hateful display of undisguised antisemitism. Renember Biden boasting of withholding 2 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine uless the prosecutor was fired? The only honest Ukrainian official. There’s a tad more to the story. Biden extorted Poroshenko to sign the resolution. Corrupt and antisemitic as is Ukraine. They’d never signed an anti-Israel Resolution, instead, abstained. Biden needed three more “tats”. He called NZ- in the bag. Senegal required arm twisting and extortion. They were in the process of normalizing ties with Israel. Such a malicious endeavor. Biden searched for the crucial fourth vote, he wasn’t having much luck, so he called Venezuela. Bravo! Obama,Powers,Kerry,Haines,Jarrett, Soros and Iran were so damn proud.

But Avril Haines presentation at Event 201 was staggering. She coordinated the need for public/private global partnership to use a single authoritarian ( her word)message without any veering off script. Masks, lockdowns , social distancing, censorship, labeling and flagging “ mis and disinformation through corporate media, social media, news publications, public service announcements and vaccines. Had to get those vaccines pushed post haste and assure people that it was all for the greater good. Partnership with Pharmaceutical companies, the WHO, medical sector, NGOS… Zuck, CNN’s Brian Stelter, Judith Miller, BBC, NYT, WaPo we’re all warmly welcomed as was the esteemed CCP National Health Director. The charming event was sponsored by the WEF, Bill Gates and Johns-Hopkins BLOOMBERG School of Medicine. The event opened with a very lifelike, convincing ing simulated video. It was literally a Covid-q9 blueprint.

So if you believe anything will come of this- it won’t.Either the GOP led investigative committees are really inept, corrupt, clueless or a combination of the aforementioned. They had Avril Haines testify on the Afghan withdrawal and China’s spying… not a peep re Event 201. Note there has been NO mention! But they gave her a gushing show of appreciation.

Trump deserves no exoneration either. It is impossible that he was unaware of Event 201, Fauci’s disgraceful fifty year history of egregious failure, corruption, graft, coverups, torture, zealous sadism and mass murder. He ignored Atlas,Risch, RFK Jr, Hatfill,Zelenko,Ladapo, Montagnier,Levitt, Shiva, Kuldorff, Bhattacharaya, , Mercola, Oswui,Smith, Gold, Makary,Kory, Malone, Alexander,McCullough, Yeardon, Rudy, Navarro,… but it’s not surprising. He also ignored Bill Binney, Peter Pye, Diana West, Frank Gaffney, Jim Kallstrom, Kary Mullis, General Lyons, Phil Haney, Dave Reaboi, Jim Hanson, Zudhi Jassar, Assange, Kevin Shipp and anybody worth a damn. He let Mike Flynn rot, ditto KT McFarland, Redfield, Ezra Cohen, Richard Pollock, Andy Ngo, Ian Cheong,John Solomon, David Horowitz, Dan Greenfield, Posobiec, Papadapoulis,Carter Page, Scott Pressler,Pastors Scott and Burns, Isaiah Washington, Asra Nomani, Toensig, DiGenova, Caitlyn Jenner, Dov Hikind and made the most hideous unwarranted attacks on Elon Musk, DeSantis,Nancy Mace,Youngkin, and to this day has assumed zero responsibility for his lousy appointments, pure judgement and self inflicted wounds

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I am concerned that we as a nation are falling into the same old trap. Taking us into a war where my now 18 year old son will have to fight. This time around though many of us are “awake” as you call it and so we will be aware of what is being done to our children. The problem is we can fight against it but what I see is the fight goes on for years and years and in the meantime just like the death jabs thousands if not millions of people die in the mean time until the tide turns and the killing stops. I get there is no alternative and I rely on God to protect my son but this is a complete shit sandwich.....

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CCP has purchased Biden, McConnell, Pelosi and state governments. America has been sold out by traitors.

The military DOD has been compromised along with the Justice department and the civilian judiciary.

All should be running for cover trying to cover their anatomical parts.

The penalty for treason is death. Let the cleansing begin.

Gargasz, Robert J.

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Thank you. That was very enlightening.

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Nice article, Tom Renz! Thanks for explaining how the bill likely got through both chambers of Congress with unanimous consent at this point. I wondered how there could be unanimous in Congress on anything. I do think we will eventually start looking at the Ecohealth, UNC participation.

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If we who are awake know, how can congress and the senate say that they don't know who was involved in this Plandemic and for the resulting microscopic critters that resulted from GoF experiments and have infected countries all over the world? The answer is because the Uniparty is really busy treading water now so that they might survive the big wave that's coming. They want We the People to keep believing the lies so that we will pluck them from the water and trust them to do what is right. But I believe that the big wave is coming and they are not happy campers. Let's not give up this fight, and let's encourage one another.

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Sadly, the American people will want to believe that Coronavirus began in Wuhan, the thought that our own government deliberately engineered our demise in Fort Dietrich is simply too awful to comprehend. Our brainwashing has been done so well and for so long that we are willing victims to our own genocide. Let us pray that this Machiavellian deception does not succeed. Those of us who are awake must not let them get away with it.

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Thank you for this discussion and explaining everything.

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Tom, Thank you for another insightful writeup, with well taken points that provide much clarity. Here is an additional angle that might be worth keeping an eye out for -- TBD?

Applying fuzzy logic, to a good bit of fuzzy info, leads me to believe that there might also be other motives beyond those mentioned. With a key one of these being to hide that covid was actually a US-planned/led operation that initially used aerosols to tests in both China and the US -- indicating that China is the actual patsy.

This op was done for TPTB behind the curtain, who control govts worldwide via their financial/blackmail bullies, who control corrupted govt officials and media (eg, in US congress, mainly dems and rinos). “Why” = If this op gets out most of US congress would be ruined personally and the masses might awaken to give TPTB a bad time.

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Unfortunately, we can't trust Tom Renz' top client, Dr. Andrew Huff•g¤v

Food Shortage Logistics patented w/ gov't grants before ratting out EcoHealth where he was 2nd in Charge:


Abandoned to avoid liabilities like Pfizer tried with 637𝟐𝟐𝟐4 & their nanotech 20100216804a1


Repentance or coming clean is still available for Tom. I have faith.


Love people > profits

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