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The War on Truth is the War on Freedom with Chris Burgard

The Tom Renz Show ep. 404

J6 was legitimately an insurrection. It was an insurrection against a sitting president by bureaucrats, Democrats, and even members of his own party. I believe Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and many others were aware of the FBI and capital police presence in the crowd an that their intention was to create the chaos that erupted on J6. I further believe this entire debacle constitutes entrapment and all defendants should be released. Ultimately it is impossible to know if I am correct; the crooked J6 Committee shredded documents and tons of other evidence will never see the light of day. The J6 war on freedom could not have been carried out if truth were available and so the war on truth really is the war on freedom.

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Director Chris Burgard, lives in Texas and is an award-winning filmmaker, who made his 1986 Hollywood debut as Matthew Broderick’s dance double in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” He quickly landed recurring guest roles on the popular 90’s shows, “Growing Pains” and “Tour of Duty”, and then appeared in numerous television and movie roles over the next several decades. He directed the prescient films “Border” which screened for Congress in 2007, and “Death County and the River of Broken Dreams” that screened for Congress, in 2023.

In 2021 he also directed Capitol Punishment: Everything They Told You About J6 Was A Lie, for which, he did not earn an Oscar, but did end up being investigated by the FBI as a national security threat to the United States of America after a big tip was called into the National Threat Operations Center.

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